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    The gold anodising on my spars is very worn, matt and faded and although looking round the dinghy park I can see there are lots of similarly faded specimens, I would really like mine to look nicer and in keeping with the rest of the boat.

    I’ve tried cleaning / polishing the existing surface but I think its just too far gone. I have considered paint but this will add weight, may not flex sufficiently without cracking and undoubtedly will become an annual task to maintain. So, I’m left with either buying a new mast ( my pockets arent that deep ), buy a second-hand mast ( there’s not that many around and they mostly have their own faults, if you have a good one available pease let me know ) or have mine re-anodised.

    Any advice gratefully received, for example:

    Whether reanodising might give a substantially improved appearance
    Does there need to be any prior surface preparation first
    If it could structurally affect the mast in any way
    How much this should cost
    Where to have it done ( I’m in the midlands near Rugby)




    The DIY method will require degreasing with solvent, the use of an etched primer followed by paint.
    No guarantee as to how long the finish can be retained even with the use of epoxy paint.

    For a good finish, you will need the assistance of the professionals to reanodise.
    The problem here is that only about 2 in the country have a bath that can cope with the length of a mast.
    Perhaps an email to Selden Masts or Ian Porter may point you in the right direction for a company able to do this.


    Thanks Norman, thats pretty much the conclusion I was coming to.

    Perhaps I’ll get some of that carbon-look-a-like-stick-on-wrap that boy racers adorn their hatchbacks with and try and fool everyone that Selden is making carbon E section masts !… ( only kidding )


    I put your question to an anodiser in Emsworth whilst collecting some work for my company on Friday. They routinely treat new masts and spars. They advise it is certainly possible to re-anodise an old mast but not easy and the results could be dissapointing. The mast would need to be stripped of all non aluminium fittings and fasteners. It would need to be caustic etch cleaned to strip the old surface. This would remove some material and slightly weaken the mast. The cosmetic appearance would likely be dull and possibly patchy. From my experience painting is not really viable either. Looks like your stuck with it. šŸ˜„

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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