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    I am about to buy a new suit of sails for W3367. The existing ones have done stirling service having originally been made by Musto & Hyde back in 1972! They were still winning races last season, but show distinct lack of speed on longer legs especially when sailing on the sea.

    Obviously McNamara makes good sails but who else should you consider?


    Colin Parkstone

    I can do you a good deal on a set of Banks sail. They last a long time, well made and they would come to you measured so your ready to go.
    I have been an agent for them for 25yrs and am known in the class,so ask away about me if you like.
    You are welcome to email me for more info about price ect.

    Colin May. 🙂


    Or you could consider a faster set of P&B! 😆
    PM me and I’ll put you in touch with the right people.


    Today racing sails are coated with a hard coating that makes them stiff. Because of this coating these sails must be rolled carefully for storage, they can not be folded. In real life it often means these sails do not last long. If you want your new sails to last 38 years again, maybe you should considder simple, uncoated Dacron sails. You can discuss to have them “race” cut with your sail maker of choice (what ever that is). IMHO cruising sails and school sails are cut the same, only the material and gadgets differ.


    This is very much a personal choice and there does not seem to be much difference in performance between the top choice makes: Mac, P&B, Banks, Hyde, Jeckells and whatever happened to North Wayfarer sails, one tends to get used to a particular cut. I have used Pinnell and Bax for the past ten years and have been very satisfied, sailing in all conditions including sea sailing. Their spinnaker is particularly good.

    Cost might be an issue, so ask around and there are often very good deals in the autumn if you can wait, such as 20% off.


    I think that for most ‘mere mortals’ the make of sails used will not make a huge difference to performance, I think that the advice, service and support that you get from your sailmaker should be the deciding factor. To that end, I have always had great service and advice from Michael McNamara, in both Wayfarers and other classes.



    Thanks for the replies. After consideration I have ordered a suit from MacNamara. He was most helpful and also came up with a good deal. 🙂



    I was in the same boat so to speak not so long ago, I sent emails to McNamara and Batt sails but got absolutely no reply from either, so after asking around I remembered Hartley’s and now have a great set of sails (Hyde) that work as well as my original set (McNamara), and was given a few good sailing tips for free at the same time. The secret is “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. Use that plastic card wisely!

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