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    Although my tenure as UKWA Racing Sec ends at the next AGM, I have the remaining duty of arranging the area events and Nationals for 2008. I will of course leave this to the new Racing Sec, should someone step forward, and they can change things as they see fit.

    I am disappointed at the decreasing numbers attending the area champs and Nationals over the last three years, despite first-class venues and (this year and last) excellent weather conditions. My view is that our priority is to get high numbers to attend the Nationals because this figure is watched closely by everyone as an indication of the health (or lack of health) of the racing classes.

    Parkstone have agreed to host the Nationals next year as part of Poole week. This in itself should help increase attendance.

    My intention is to organise just two other area open meetings because I feel that having five is no longer supportable by the numbers attending, and in fact is diluting the numbers who might otherwise attend a smaller number of available events.

    Hence, in addition to the Nationals, I propose to organise an Eastern Area champs and an Inland champs only.

    Comments welcome, but basically if you want more events then please offer your services as the new Racing Sec to organise them!


    I will be happy to co-ordinate a Wayfarer event (Westerns ?)as part of Falmouth Week which is 9-16 August next year. We have just had a fantastic week racing on Carrick Roads as part of our annual visit . The Dinghy Week racing is very well organised now and the three Wayfarers that attended this year enjoyed themselves enormously. It was after all during this event in 2000 we had an entry of 75+ boats for the Nationals.
    If we get 10+ boats we can have our own start and course. It is a venue for everyone including families on holiday with a very good range of accomodation. I can negotiate rates and there is a possibility of sponsorship. Possibly a great location for 2009 Nationals???Feedback gratefully received.


    Liam wrote,

    > I will be happy to co-ordinate a Wayfarer event (Westerns ?)as part of Falmouth Week

    Whilst I don’t wish to dampen Liam’s enthusiasm I’m not sure it’s a good idea to organise another “holiday” event in the south-west so close to a Poole Week Nationals, which would be just two weeks later. We could however switch the Nationals to Falmouth Week if that was the Association’s preference, but we would need to inform Parkstone YC PDQ.

    Feedback invited!



    I think we need all five area open meetings and I would attend if at all possible; I suspect that one of the key things related to good numbers is date selection. I am not sure if school holidays, half-terms, exeat weekends etc. have anything to do with it for other people but it certainly does for me. Perhaps if we got a bit of feedback on date selection it might help the current and next Racing Secretary.


    Just thought I’d confirm that we have scrapped the shoreham meeting in light of comments made. I think Toby’s right in what he is saying less could be better. In any case unless somebody is prepared to take on the role now it’s to late for most clubs, our final planning meeting for the Shoreham calendar for next year is in three weeks time.


    Toby Mace wrote…

    > Parkstone have agreed to host the Nationals next year as part of Poole week.

    The dates have now been confirmed as Aug 24-29th, which is August Bank Holiday Week. Please put it in your diary now. We are also hoping to organise a cruising event during the previous week.

    The format of the racing would be the normal Poole Week format for Wayfarers, i.e. one good race per day, in the harbour around existing racing marks. This is somewhat similar to the way Falmouth Week used to be, not arduous and suiting crews of all levels. There are six days of racing, one discard.

    More details to follow…



    RE:>> Aug 24-29th, which is August Bank Holiday Week

    Which makes it a great week, BUT you will need to get your accommodation sorted out early!

    If its anything like other Poole Weeks, there will be a great mixture of courses across the week: from simple there and and back windward leeward, to large olympic triangles, to all the way around the Brownsea Island and back again.

    This mixture makes for very enjoyable sailing.


    The good news is that we plan to organise a lead boat (RIB) to show you the way (assuming that you will be in the lead Chris!)



    Just booked the camp -site and I’ll be doing Falmouth Week too !


    Spoke too soon – camp-site not taking bookings til next year .

    I warned them that there will be a few of us


    As I said in my original post, my tenure as UKWA racing sec ends at the next AGM in March. UKWA are still looking for a racing sec for next year.

    If you would like to implement changes to the number, format or location of our area open meetings, then we would be delighted if you would consider standing for the job. You get to choose how many area events we will hold; whether they should be sea, river or lake; whether they should be triangle sausage or something else PLUS you will get the undying gratitude of the racing community!

    Just send me a private mail on this forum.

    Cheers, Toby


    Fowey Regatta has had class racing for Wayfarers for a number of years. The Regatta is always held in the third week of August (17th to 23rd this year). There are two races on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as well as a childrens race and pursuit race on the Friday.
    Weather permitting the morning races are started from a committe boat at sea and sailed around a triangular course. The pm races are started and finished in the harbour, so you dont have far to go to the start after lunch!

    If it is windy then races are in the very crowded harbour and can be a little fraught when mixed up with the Troys, but this is all part of the fun!

    The sailing and organisation is not exactly championship standard but it is always most sociable.



    Philip Henson


    Dear all
    I made an offer in August which I must now rescind. I have sold Septimus Fry and no longer own a Wayfarer of any description. I regret I will not be hosting any Wayfarer events. I am so very sorry to see the class in such turmoil. I hasten to add whilst that is a contributory factor, the reason we have moved on also has to do with the fact there is no longer any Wayfarer racing in the South West. We love fleet racing and so have become Merlin sailors at Starcross and Cornish Shrimper sailors on Carrick Roads.
    We still have many friends amongst Wayfarers and look forward to meeting up and sharing a bottle or two with those who travel to Falmouth next year.
    Good luck everyone and I do hope you sort things out.

    Yours aye
    Liam McGrath


    Finally you have found a boat to suit your weight – I’ll miss you at every mark – but I’ll miss Sue more – no more handcuff /police uniform dreams

    All the best – I’ll see you both at Salcombe for Merlin week I’m sure you’ll get in if past experience is anything to go by .


    While i am a member of Parkstone living away from Poole means I don’t keep up with the news.

    I think tacking the Nationals onto a “holiday” week like Poole is a great idea. We have very fond memories of the Nationals held during both Falmouth and Poole weeks. The idea of tacking them on to various weeks sailing events will hopefully increase attendence.

    I am sorry Liam sold his wonderful Wayfarer but hope the situation that prompted it quickly gets resolved and he again wants to join in with a fun crowd having a great time racing a “classic” Wayfarer against like minded people. I can understand his sentiments as I recently put our beloved wooden boat up for sale but I believe the situation will be resolved and helped if all people like us rejoin the circuit and support and race the classic Wayfarer.

    For our absence over the last 3 years I appologise.

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