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    I currently own an Avensis 2litre diesel, which is fine for pulling my wayfarer.
    Sadly the Avensis is getting on in years and I’m considering buying a new(er) car.
    I’d like to know what other Wayfarer owners use to tow their beloved boats. What is the smallest car that is upto the job?

    Thanks in advance for your replies

    Roger L


    Uncle Al Schönborn from Canada logs several thousands of miles every year with his Volkswagen Golf. If you browse through his photo reports you will see that it is not all flat and straight roads. He isn’t scared by the Appalachian mountains on his way to Florida.

    When I started Wayfaring I towed my boat all around Europe with a Hyundai Excel that had only a 1200 cc petrol engine. The only problem with that combination is all our baggage would have to go in the boat. The problem is volume, not power.

    A well packed Wayfarer (trailer cover) has little windage specially when it is on a low trailer that, sort of, disappears behind the car. I don’t think power is an issue. Your choice should be based on the amount of gear you want to drag along and the size of your crew (landlubbers included).


    My Dad (John Mellor) has pulled our woody Wayfarer with a renault 4! Along with all the camping gear + children!


    I use to tow a Fireball with my 1975 Mini…..

    Bob Harland

    The legal requirements can be found here;

    Whichever car you are considering will specify a maximum towing weight.

    I suggest you work out your towing weight;
    A Wayfarer will be around 200kg, plus gear, your trailer should have a plate with it’s weight and maximum load.

    In practice we have found an Astra 1.4, 2 up with cruising gear for a fortnight was okay driving across Scotland. I think a smaller car would struggle with this. But if all you are doing is towing across relatively flat countryside and minimal gear then a smaller car would be fine – just as long as you meet the legal requirements.

    hope that helps


    Thanks for your help everyone. That puts my mind at rest for when I retire the Avensis.


    Hi – I know 4x4s have a bad reputation and justifiably so in 90% of cases, but I have found having one increases the range of launching sites available and the state of the tide at the time you want to launch.
    Here in N Wales we frequently drive onto the beach and dump the boat at a position about 1hr up from LW to enable a timed getaway. I have never been particularly happy driving on sand with a 2 wheel drive especially as the small print in your insurance policy excludes liability for flooding when driving on tidal causeways!!

    Tony Green

    Hi – used a 1.7TD 405 for a number of years which had no problem. Have used my wife’s old 205 diesel for short trips, pulls ok but never feels as comfortable stopping. Now use a Rover 75 2l diesel, copes well with the load – fuel consumption down to 35mpg on a long tow!


    We weighed our World with combi trailer on a weighbridge, 460kg. This is fine behind our diesel Primera but probably not legal (or comfortable) behind our Polo which has a limit of 450kg. At some stage we will have to down size to one car and will probably go for something Golf/Corolla size.
    Nick Giles

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