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    After removing my brass strips either side of the c/b case to fit a slot gasket they are no longer usable. I have looked at replacing them in brass or stainless steel etc but the cost seems to much. Would it be acceptable to fit hardwood strips instead of metal or would this be against the rules with regards to measurement etc.



    No, but hardwood of such small dimension wouldn’t last very long. Why not use Aluminium? Porter and Hartley use it on their new boats. But don’t get it from a chandler or boat builder, check your local hardware shop or DIY centre first. Any Alu strip that is 12 mm wide will do just fine, square or half round or something in between. Just make sure it is stiff enough (thick enough) so you don’t need to double the number of screws to prevent it from bending away from the hull.


    I used Beta strip for protection under each bilge rail which you could consider using. Check out this thread if you havn’t seen it already –


    Main advantage to me was that the Beta strip is glued on and so did not require any drilling into the hull. I did the job 3 years ago and they appear to still be as firmly glued on as when I first did it. It’s sold by the metre, I sourced it from who can supply the glue as well.

    W2312 Shuna


    Hi thanks for the replies, I am going to try and find some metal cheaply. I think it is best to do the c/b case strips in the metal. The idea of not having to drill holes in the keel is good but in the position it is in I think it could come off if ran aground etc.



    In your case self adhesive Beta strips wont work, you need the screws of a metal strip to keep the closure strips in place. Wasn’t that the reason why you took the strips of?

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