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    W653 is nearly ready for the water after a 2 year restoration!

    Inside the centreboard case appears to be unprotected.

    Is it worth applying some paint or epoxy inside to protect it?

    How would I do it?




    It definitely needs a coat of something, epoxy would be best assuming the surface is bare of other coatings?

    I would use a long handled radiator roller, the rollers are a small diameter and you could easily get at all of the insides.


    Thanks for the advice

    It’s just bare wood at the mo.

    Think you’re right – will have a go.



    Bobbin is now drying out with the centreboard out ready for coating.

    Seen this picture showing aft slope of cb case on a merlin rocket removed.


    Would it be easily possible to do this on a wayfarer to give easier access for coating and prep of inner case or is it constructed differently?

    Colin Parkstone

    Think your find that the thwart sits on top of that capping in a Wayfarer,so your not get it off without some damage to it and the thwart. You could do the inside of the box with the boat on its side.
    Save having to turn the boat all the way over and if you use epoxy you could fill the gap between the keel and the centreboard box side at the bottom of the box with a filler and epoxy mix.
    it is often the place water gets into the hull and rots the bottom of the centreboard box.
    Use a radiator as said to roll on epoxy resin only, do it in coats and if you have the two hardeners use the glueing one first then the coating one one the second coat. It gives you a harder finish.
    Then give it soft sanding with a block with sandpaper on it to remove any hard spots which will damage your centreboard.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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