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    I have bought a Porter boom slider in order to rearrange my main reefing system. Now that it has arrived I find it does not fit in the groove on the underside of the boom. Before I take my grider to it can anybody tell me whether I’ve been a plonker and bought the wrong size ( I can only find one size) or whether there is a knack ( currently out of my reach) in fitting these.

    As always many thanks for all your advice.

    Bob Harland

    I guess you are referring to this one?

    Which would fit booms supplied on Wayfarers since the early 90’s or perhaps earlier? e.g.;

    You may have a previous generation – round section??? – If you post a picture someone may know of a suitable fitting.

    Colin Parkstone

    There was a smaller slider in the past and your boom is likely looking for that one.

    No your not a plonker as that one is not made any more!

    You may find one around but id take the grinder to what you have and go sailing!

    C P


    Looks like I need to get my grinder out.

    Many thanks guys.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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