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    I’m trying to make up my mind for next summers hols.

    1 – If I go to the lakes, probably not camping, can anyone advise on a place to park the boat at Windermere and costs involved?

    2 – If I go to Poole Harbour, where would be good to camp, with nearby launching (CHEAP!) and daily/weekly parking. I have seen Redcliffe Farm but it looks a long way from the water when I rely on sails or engine.

    By the way, we sail as a family with two small ones. This might help.


    Martyn 😕 😕

    Dave Barker

    Hi Martyn,

    Windermere – the rules for motors, registration numbers etc. seem to change almost annually, and I haven’t visited for about 18 months, however, last time we were there we launched and kept the boat on some National Trust land at Harrow Slack, immediately north of the ferry terminal on the west side, about half-way down the lake. The charges are much less than anywhere else that we enquired about. A warden may come and collect your fee and issue a ticket, otherwise I believe there is an honesty box and/or an arrangement to pay at the nearby NT property. The Trust’s view as I understand it is that sailing is in keeping with their ethos (sustainability etc) and visually and acoustically fairly unobtrusive, hence the sail-friendly attitude to date. Let’s hope it stays that way.

    Poole Harbour – Redcliffe Farm is fine as long as you are prepared for the jaunt through the reed beds down the Wareham Channel each time you want to sail on the broader expanse of water in Poole Harbour itself. With a motor this is no problem, but it inevitably takes up some time. Nice short walk into Wareham and good access by car to Purbeck etc.

    Good luck.


    If you haven’t yet decided where your going, may I suggest Lough Erne. There is the small detail of the ferry, but once you get there it is well nigh perfect for pottering and cruising.

    Lower Lough Erne is divides into 2 very different zones. The southern end is a drowned drumlin landscape with islands every hundred yards or so. Many have pontoons. There is a big yacht club, and several marinas, but we found the lough strangely deserted (we were there in July). The northern end, the Broad Lough is far more open, and can become rough. However there are safe moorings within easy reach and sheltered water behind the islands.

    There are campsites on the lake shore, and cottages to rent with their own slipway and pontoon. At several points round the lake there are pubs and restaurants on the shore. The fishing is good too… trout, pike, perch and coarse fish.

    Upper Lough Erne is narrower, more a very large river. Enniskillen lies between the two lakes… for cruisers there is a convenient pontoon next to one of the big shopping centres!

    All in all, a surprisingly neglected destination.



    Hi Martin,

    For day sailing, I recommend Baiter Park for launching. It has good double space parking and is overlooked by a security office in the park. It will cost you an £8 ticket for parking and launching for the day. this ticket expires at midnight. Unfortunately the local authority have not yet built a decent shower/changing facility for water sports enthusiasts, but there is a little WC at the rear of the green.

    It is ideally situated for a good sail around the harbour. I must encourage you to get yourself around the back of the islands via the Wych Channel. sail alongside Green and Furzey Islands, very beautiful area indeed. The channel is very narrow and the withys really do mark the edge, trust me!!!!

    Shipstall Point is a good stop off for lunch, look along the pier of Long Island for the family of seals! South of Shipstall is a reserve of Deer, on one occasion this year, I saw around 200 of them grazing in the fields. It is a nice walk around. Much of these waters are designated as quiet area’s. Noise is not welcome.

    Do not miss the beach at Brands Bay. Parkstone Wayfarers often stop there for a swim and lunch.

    Anchoring on the south side of Brownsea is fun, but beware of the tides! Look out for the little power boat that sells ice creams:). Fishing is good here while the tides are running.

    The Harbour entrance has very strong tides and the chain ferry has to be treated with respect, but Shell Bay and Studland Bay are wonderful places to visit. Choose your tides carefully.

    Make sure you take some fishing gear and take the chance of a swim if you can. Just east of Pottery Pier is a nature reserve area on Brownsea, it is great for dropping the anchor and taking a rest. My last visit, a wild chicken sat on my lap and a peacock was nibbling my sarnies!!!!!!

    Beware shallow waters near Rockley Point!

    I sail there regularly and never get fed up of the lovely scenery. If you decide to go, please let me know. I may even join you in Naomi!

    The attached picture is taken from Shipstall Point and looks east toward Poole. The green finger of land on the right is Long Island, while the West side of Brownsea is in the background. Naomi rests on the mud as we take a sandwich and a cuppa.

    I believe the UKWA may be planning an event there this coming year. Good luck, hope this entry is not too zealous!!



    I am not sure about charges on Windermere as they seem to be backing
    down as income has dropped due to the 10 MPH.speed limit.
    Have you considered Ullswater , Glenridding at the north end is 5 MI.from J.40 on M6. Parkfoot (footpath along lake shore to village)has a launch site
    camping and rented acomodation.Only drawback is its like butlins,however if you just want to launch “Lake access”includes leaving car & trailer for day is £4-50.
    The lake is just under 8 MI.with a dog leg in the middle. Landing at beaches and both ends is good.Glenridding is the village at the south end. Both villages have three pubs .cafe,s and shops. 20 miles from pooley Br.
    along lake and over Kirkstone pass(1,500 feet) is Ferry nab launch site
    on Windermere but you have to pay for both launching and leaving car and trailer.Check the cruising site for the Gathering in August You could stay B&B.and leave boat with mast up with others in the camping site.
    Give me a ring if you want more detail. 01228560085

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