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    3057 is in our front garden in London – we’re moving to Dorset and I’m hoping to store and sail our Wayfarer in Poole Harbour, preferably on the south side as we are at Worth Matravers.

    Can anyone recommend a sailing club or dinghy park with access to Poole Harbour and / or Studland?




    There seem to be lots of options in Poole harbour. May I recommend Parkstone SC. From experience I know they have an active Wayfarer fleet and often host National and regional Wayfarer regatta’s. As a visitor I have enjoyed their hospitality at several Wayfarer events. It is always a pleasure to go there and meet some of the best sailors in the fleet.

    Colin, your turn……

    Colin Parkstone

    It is indeed !!! You would be welcome at our club but I can see why your after the southside from your website, Very nice!

    Shell Bay Boatyard, just inside the hardour by the chain ferry on the Studland side.

    I think the next one round on the south side is up the Wareham River.

    This is a long way up for a short day sail in the harbour.

    Welcome To The Sunny South, No Smog!!!

    CP 8)


    Thanks Colin and Swiebertje,

    Parkstone sounds very organised and exciting.. but I might look to see if Shell Bay would be the easier option for nipping out of an evening.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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