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    I am unsure about sailing single handed – so is there any spare crew out there?



    I had hoped that this topic would raise interest in day sailing at Poole. I am still quite new to the world of the UKWA really,and I am hoping to meet many Wayfarer sailors there.

    I must warn you all, I am very lazy with my sailing and enjoy a bit of exploring,fishing and swimming too!

    My first experience of sailing on the sea was Poole Harbour, I took an old Enterprise out on a very windy day! having managed to hold it upright for twenty minutes, I decided that it counted as a moral victory and packed it away!

    Being the owner of a more sensible craft nowadays…ha! It is easy to enjoy the waves and take some stores on board.

    To cruise alongside Brownsea, past Furzey and Green Islands on a sunny day takes some beating. But to drop anchor in Brands Bay, take lunch and have a swim!

    If you are a family man, the non sailors may enjoy spending the day around the shops in Poole. An evening together at the local Italian restaurant makes for a perfect adventure.

    To camp on a beach somewhere would be the ultimate, does anyone know where you can do this?



    In the absence of a crew I shall be unable to make it. Sailing is one thing but rigging, launching and recovering solo is too much of a risk.

    Hope you have a good day.



    What a shame, things have been conspiring against me here too!

    I have just returned form towing Naomi back from the ASC to my home. to find the trailer board had fallen off of the car.

    Within five minutes, I turned back on myself to find it had been swiped!

    Fortunately my crew has saved the day with a loan of his car.

    Please keep in touch. we shall have that sail without doubt.



    We have 9 W’s at Swanage, just round the corner from Studland we sometime cruise round to Studland. I you want to arrange a meet or extent the cruise a little further contact me. revtonyhiggins@btinternet.com

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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