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    I noticed several boats having a second spinnaker pole eye on the mast, approx. 6 inches above the standard one. I know that the angle changes but the sine of the angle is so small that the pole hardly sticks out any further. Can anyone explain what the advantage is of this second pole eye?

    Pole length (max) 1982 mm
    Eye raised: 150 mm

    Angle: sin-1(150/1982) = 4.3 degrees.
    Projected pole length while angled up: 1982 x cos(4.3) = 1976
    Gain by using second eye (pole horizontal): 1982 – 1976 = 6 mm (1/4 inch)…….


    I use the higher pole fitting but still angle the pole up because my P&B spinnaker doesn’t collapse in the middle of the luff unless the pole is angled . The angling also takes the spi further still clear of the genoa .

    Colin Parkstone

    I dont have a second pole eye on my boat, have you seen how tall my crews are???????


    Raising the pole ring (usually about 8 inches or 200mm) means that the pole projects further forward of the genoa as its luff rakes back towards the mast. For my P&B spinnaker we set the end of pole height at 12ft 6inches (3810mm) from the spinnaker halyard sheave up the mast.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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