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    Sylvain Caro

    Hi everyone,

    Here is the frenchie again ?

    Does anybody knows if polar data exists for the Wayfarer??

    I’d like to try a routing software and I need these data…




    Web Team

    Can I ask what you mean by polar data? I’m guessing that I may not be the only person to be puzzled by this expression…

    P.S. You only need to ask in one part of the Forum 🙂


    Sylvain Caro


    There are the speed datas according to the strongness and direction of the wind…

    This makes it possible to estimate speeds and to draw routes by referring to meteo forecasts, by using dedicated software.
    This is most intersting for long trips..


    Yes sorry about that, but I wasn’t sure I was on the right category, and I finaly forgot to delet the first one!

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    Sylvain, I don’t think that such data exists for the Wayfarer, unless Hartley Boats who manufacture the MKIV have done one.

    If what you are looking for is the approximate speed you could passage plan for, ie, what speed you might average in a loaded cruising boat going upwind, downwind, etc, to use for planning a trip, you might be better to ask in the Cruising Section to see what speed cruising Wayfarers plan for.

    Regards, davdor

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