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    hello 🙂  i’m logged in using Chrome within windows 10, when i select either ‘cruising’ or ‘technical’ from the topic list on the forum home page i get the message ‘Please select one of the sub menu options’ and i can’t see any ‘sub menu’ options to select – looks like a glitch?



    Web Team

    Hi Nicko – It’s more a misunderstanding than a glitch. The suggestion to select one of the sub-menu options is intended (I think) to prompt the user to select one of the items from the list that drops down below the main item (‘About’, ‘Technical’ etc). However, now that the site’s content seems to be reasonably settled I’ll change this as it is ambiguous and has been bothering me!

    The menu can also be difficult to use on a mobile device, but only if the desktop version of the website is viewed. There are many items on the mobile version of the menu (toggled via the three-line icon at the top right corner of the screen), but it’s still easier to use that version, especially on a phone.

    Thanks for your feedback!


    Web Team

    OK – an update. Jamie has pointed out to me that I had completely misunderstood Nicko’s comment and had corrected something entirely separate! Happily I have now (finally, you’re probably muttering) also corrected the forum links.

    Thank you Nicko and Jamie (via email) for your assistance and patience 🙂




    I’m trying to post on the cruising forum, but after I log in to the website, as soon as I click on ‘forums’ it logs me out and I can’t start a new topic…..any tips?


    Web Team

    Hi Traveller,

    I think I’ve corrected the error – please let me know if you discover otherwise.

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