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    [attachment=0:5h3vx7f6]063.JPG[/attachment:5h3vx7f6]This summer we “splashed out” and bought an Aquapac waterproof pouch for our Canon Ixus hoping to get some good photos of the golden summer. However we found that the pouch is difficult to use, get it too close to the zoom lens and the camera shuts down, it is almost impossible to see anything on the LCD and by the time one has the subject in the view finder the scene has changed. It is also difficult to manipulate the small buttons on the camera. Some photos were reasonably sharp, others had a mellow mistiness as in the attached picture. The answer is likely to be a waterproof camera. Which? reviewed waterproof cameras in October 2013 with the Olympus Stylus TG830 listed as Best Buy, but it is 10x what I paid for the pouch! It would be useful to know what has worked for other Wayfarers.

    Nick Giles
    W9922 LizzieB


    We use an Olympus Mju Tough, good little piece of kit. Waterproof to 10m; I have used it successfully underwater. Mine was a present but I think they’re around £200.


    Thanks, good to have a recommendation. I’ll put it on my present list,no harm in hoping!


    I would love to get a GoPro but for now (and the past few years) I have used a Fuji waterproof.
    It was the cheapest waterproof I could find at less then a 100. It’s a pretty decent quality for the money.

    Visit this site for really good camera reviews.

    BTW, with all the rugged outdoor cameras that are offered today it may be a good idea to select one with a build in GPS.
    Though intended for geo-locating the pictures taken, it is also a nice backup GPS for your Navigation.

    Dave Bevan

    Get a go pro if you can, fortunately I can borrow one.

    I’ve got a Panasonic waterproof camcorder, takes good pics and HD video, but not very wide angle if you want to take pictures of the crew 💡

    Not sure about integrated GPS. sounds like a great way to drain the batteries and dual purpose devices don’t usually do either as well as a dedicated device (I know the mantra, everything should have two uses 🙄 )


    I have a waterproof/shockproof Panasonic DMC FT4 which does HD video as well. It’s very good. The folded optic lens is good but despite the 12 Megapix, don’t expect to be able to zoom in too far.

    The GPS function attracted me but disappointingly it does not work on the move; I had hoped to be able to video myself then use the GPS function to tell me how fast we were going and to work out whether what I was doing was helping to improve speed (or not), but this is not an option and I have spoken with Panasonic to confirm this.

    Great for video, somehow though the towering waves and white spume whipping off the crests always seem to be reduced to moderate seas with a bit of foam when viewed from the sofa. If anyone finds a camera that gives a true representation of the conditions, at least similar to how I describe them in the Pub afterwards, well I would buy that camera.


    Hold your camera low, as low to the water as possible. Then, with the zoom set to wide-angle, even a whiffle looks like a 100 foot killer wave.
    Either that or teach your camera to lie.

    BTW, the sign on the ‘Stammtisch’ in my club says: “RESERVED – ONLY FOR FISHERS, SAILORS AND OTHER LIARS.

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