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    Does a pattern for a tent for the ‘waffer’ exist? I’d really like to have a go at making my own or have someone make one for me. I liked the look of Canvas Windmill’s new tent but £500, to me, is not ‘realistic’.

    If someone would produce a pattern I would like to think more of us would be able to justify the money to make one. After all, companies like Pennine Outdoor can supply all the needed materials at a very reasonable price.


    Bob Harland

    There’s no pattern available but…
    It’s not the cost of the materials more the time involved. If you are proficient at using a domestic sewing machine then making your own tent is a good winter project. Just expect to spend a lot of hours on it.
    Perhaps the main limitation of a typical domestic sewing machine will be the weight of material you can use, certainly our machine will not do Ventile.
    Cutting the material to shape is fairly straight forward, it’s the workmanship after that requires care and time.
    If you wanted a sample to work to then you could hire the UKWA boat tent.

    It’s also worth looking out for second hand tents in the for sale section;


    Hi Martyn
    Reading about making your own boat tent on another boat website and an apparent “expert” said his domestic machine could cope with the heavy material………the crucial thing was to fit the right needle………
    I know nothing myself since I paid a local tent repairer but thought I would pass it on.
    cheers Dave

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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