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    Wednesday 25th July
    More Winners!
    Over the last week the number of different winners in the Parkstone Wayfarers this season moved into double figures when the Walls won on Saturday to be the 10th different winner then Paul and Phillipa won on Wednesday to become the 11th.
    The other winners for those that like lists; Steve, Keith, Colin, Geof, Jackie, Ray & Jill, Simon, Bruce, Cath & Tracey, James & David. There at least 4 boats that were winners last year that have not sailed very much this year so we can expect the list of winners to grow further when they hit their stride.

    What fantastic racing when so many boats are capable of winning a race!


    I used to own a good Porter Wooden Wayfarer and voted against the adoption of the Mk4.

    The vote was lost and the Mk 4 adopted. I have subsequently bought a Mk 4.

    I now realise I was wrong to vote against the Mk 4 and its the best thing that has happened to the Wayfarer Class. Its now much more a level playing field and a reasonable club sailor can now on their day win as the above post by Geof clearly demonstrates.

    I am now of the opinion that the variations in wooden hull shapes etc gave some boats a slight advantage. The great thing though is that the Mk 4 can still be given a run for its money by good sailors in older boats, eg Martin in 88 is an obvious one many will know but at our club Colin May has walked away from us in our Mk4 and he was then sailing his old Mk1 GRP sandwich – don’t you just hate some people!! Jackie Dobson also won the last race of the 2011 season with her old woodie. Now while most are now moving on to a new Mk4 its shows that a good sailor in an old boat can still win but the greatest part of it all is that the Mk 4 has fulfilled Richard Hartleys brief that it be as fast as the fastest wooden boat and as such we all now know that if we are not near the front its our sailing thats bad and nothing wrong with the boat!

    Parkstone now has about 15 Mk 4 in its large Wayfarer Fleet. Hopefully the new Wayfarer will encourage more into the class and increase participation in National and regional events. We always used to enjoy Falmouth week and Robin Barker was great at promoting it – sad its declined (the biggest decline after they doubled their accommodation prices one year due to the eclipse – we will never go back now!) but for anyone interested Poole week at Parkstone is getting more Wayfarer visitors and with such a strong home fleet you are guaranteed some good one class racing, a friendly fleet and good social events. Unfortunately its so good there are a couple of regular visitors that while I like them I am fed up with just seeing their transom!! Oh well just got to try harder and sail better!!

    If anyone is interested go to Parksone YC website for entry form – officially its 26th August to 31st but most visitors are welcomed on the Saturday morning and then also join us for our Saturday afternoon club race (25th August). I should add that the weeks entry is £10 cheaper if received by 19th August – there were 21 Wayfarer entrees in 2011 but with the new Parkstone Wayfarer members I suspect it will be nearer 30 boats this year.


    Another winner last night

    9 Boats ventured out into a pleasant F3 sunny evening race. Someone pulled the plug so the water was rushing out of the harbour and leaving shallow patches to catch centreplates by surprise (those with deep rudders also reported depth issues with the plate raised).
    Frank led at the first mark, Paul and Phillipa took the lead for most of the rest of the first lap before misjudging the lay line to the leeward mark allowing Jacky past to lead across the line at the end of lap 1.
    The wind eased a little for the second lap, Richard and Derek in a Mk2 learnt from the leaders on the first lap and crossed the tide early to work the left side to emerge with the lead at the 2nd Windward mark and succeeded in holding off all the MkIVs to take a well-deserved win from Jacky then Steve. Only three boats managed to return to shore before it got dark.

    Colin Parkstone

    With the buying of 16 new boats and the entry into the class of 5 new members the Wayfarer racing at our club has improved so much its a real fight to just cross the line!!

    Average turnouts for the year have gone up too with people who have made a financial commitment in a new boat using it more and more.

    Expect to see more new boats next year with new members joining us as well. We also are looking for secondhand Mk4 boats as well, some of our people are not in the new boat bracket but would love to trade up!!

    Win Win !!! Well not as often as one used too but that just makes the racing better for us all.


    Colin Parkstone

    Well if this is the start of things to come, could be an even better season for turnout numbers.

    Parkstone Y C had 13 Wayfarers on the start line last evening, 8 Mk4 and 3 +S boats in the fleet. It is not always like this but the average turnout is going up each year and we still have five more Mk4 boats regulars and others to start their season.

    We have a Gold and Silver fleet in our class at the club so as to spread the series cups about a bit which is made up with people who are chosen by a board of wise men, and ladies.(Yes we have some)

    Silver Fleet is for people who maybe have an older boat, starting out or maybe not quite there yet but can also includes Mk4 boats as well, its a person not boat fleet.
    We all sail together and anyone can win the race or the cup of the day.

    This fleet is as strong as the Gold, they all try and win that fleet as well as the race and its become very cut throat within it.

    With this racing going on at a local club, im sorry to say that we do not travel very much but we hope to get out the largest fleet from a home club at the National Champs for some time.

    With that in mind, remember to enter the Champs soon, by the 10th of May for the reduced entry fee which is enough for a few lts of fuel or many drinks of your choice at our well priced bar! Lots of sponsors have put up many prizes for all fleets and we have a great club for you to come and enjoy like we do each week. You will enjoy yourself and many things to see and do for the non sailor as well. You can walk to Poole Old Town from the club on a short flat waterside trail.

    Hills to climb, shops to spend in and many places of interest to see, Pubs that is! Home of Sunseekers, boats for the well off which is a sight to see from Poole Quay as the yard is right across the water.

    Come and enjoy, You will do and they do call it the sunny south so you may get lucky also!

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