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    Yup, it’s that subject again.

    I want to remove several coats of paint applied by the previous owners below the waterline. I have established it is not anti-fouling, just paint, probably Dulux, apparently applied with a passing cat after a rough scratching with a wire brush (or maybe not).

    I have seen reference to the use of a water based, GRP friendly paint stripper, but I cannot seem to find the name, can anyone tell me who makes it and what sort of establishment sells it?

    Anyone got a bright idea how to turn the boat over on the spot? I don’t have a nice soft lawn on which to roll her over just some nice level concrete by the side of the house, brick wall on one side 6ft fence on the other about 8 feet apart. From your experience how many big strong blokes does it take to flip a Wayfarer?


    3 big strong hunky men can turn a Wayfarer over although if space is tight I would make it 4 to be sure. – my three sons can turn the boat over and carry it back into the shed and put it onto 3 solid peat bales ready for painting. But we do have a lawn (of sorts) on which to turn over onto. I would help but they say that they work together like a well-oiled machine and I am the bit of grit (their father is a handful of sand) 😯 so I let them get on with it now

    hope that helps

    Colin Parkstone

    “True Grit” I think Margaret !!

    Spike, I have a couple of single mattresses to put under the boat when
    I turn mine,they cover more area than tyres and dont mark the boat.



    If the garage roof will take the strain you can turn a boat over inside by suspending it bow and stern, hauling it up with blocks and tackle then flipping it over.

    I once helped someone turn a 40 foot catamaran hull like this. We only used pulleys and rope and the job was surprisingly easy. It also served to demonstrate how easy it is to undo bolines after they have been under strain.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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