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    My O/B.(Yamaha Malta) cuts out after about twenty minutes but starts again after it cools down,Isuspect overheating due to impeller wear.
    The yamaha dealer said take out the four bolts and drop the gearbox impeller sits above the gearbox.Ive taken out the bolts but the gearbox only drops about an inch.
    Has anyone renewed their impeller advice please?
    Over £50 to have it done or £8.25 for a new impeller.


    Just a thought. This will happen if the coil is kaput. The insulation breaks down when it gets hot. Could you get the coil tested at say a lawnmower or motorbike repair shop?
    If you are getting reasonable waterflow (around pencil thickness) out of the engine the impeller is probably ok
    I might be wrong but it could be worth checking. It happened on my seagull last year and with a replacement coil it is back to running all day no problem again
    You can check the resistance with a multimeter but it isnt all that effective. Maybe you can find a cheao replacement coil on ebay
    All the best. Robert

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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