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    Hi all,

    Looking to fit an outboard and i have noticed there are two very different types of brackets, one that is fixed solid and a second type that seems to fold?

    Which would be the correct one (best) for fitting an outboard to the back of my Wayfarer?




    I believe most opt for this one.

    The bracket is easily removed and just leaves the shoe on the boat when the outboard is not required, so keeps everything looking neat.


    Hartley wayfarer sold me my bracket and shoe. That’s the easy part. Fitting takes a bit of research to make sure of a good job. There are many posts on the subject in this forum, just do a search. I managed to fit mine easily in an afternoon, then a couple of days for drying. I fitted mine on the port side, everyone seems to have their own opinion as to which side, and have had no problems with anything getting tangled. I also bought a 2.5 hp Suzuki, which is perfect and not too heavy, runs quiet and starts like a dream, especially in locks when needed. Don’t think too much…just do it! You’ll have great fun even without wind.


    @tempest51 wrote:

    Don’t think too much…just do it!

    Thats pretty much me all over!

    Looked through the forum at various fitting methods, seems simple enough.
    Got an old Seagull for it, mainly to get in and out of tight esturys and perhaps occasionally to turn the Wayfarer into a small fishing boat for me and my dad!

    Thanks for the advice.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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