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    I’ve been having a look inside bobbins cb case and it appears to be coated already.

    Looks almost like fibreglass and is very yellowed and cracked.

    It’s missing in some places and is falling off where it is still attatched.

    Looks almost like it could’ve been there from new?

    What’s the best thing to do about this? I have been thinking maybe its time to remove the packing inside the case and renew it (on the cb itself?) but would like to avoid messing around with it too much.



    Dave Bevan

    Is Bobbin a woodie?


    Yes, she’s a moores woody



    sounds like epoxy in there

    I got good advice on this on this thread

    making up the battens to stick your sandpaper to is easily done if you have access to a planer-thicknesser: not sure what I would have done otherwise. They need to be about 3 ft long and make sure you use very robust high-quality paper to stick to them. I had 2 of slightly increasing thicknesses using quite coarse paper on each face, then to finish I stick a fine paper over the last batten (to make is slightly thicker again). It is a matter of measurement and judgement how thick to make these but you want your increments to be very little, otherwise its bl*&dy hard work. the rollers mentioned by colin work well to reapply epoxy.

    good luck with it. I found it did wonders for my upper body fitness!

    Boris W6330.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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