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    Can anyone advise what length of oar can be stored effectively on a Mk 2, I’m looking to order a pair and of course the longer the better but want to be able to tuck them out of the way when sailing. Cheers all, Mike.

    Dave Barker

    Mike – Ours are 2.4m or about 8ft, plastimo oars. They fit reasonably well in our Mk2 and with a small modification are comfortable to row with. The mod consists of moving the collars about 150mm further out (guessing) to bring your hands closer together when rowing.

    Everyone says they need to be longer if possible but we manage fine and any more length would make stowing more difficult.

    See you at Beadnell Bay.


    Just sorted out oars from Collars (great place to visit, thanks Bob).

    Max length you can get in a Mk2 is 7’11” I thought initially that you could store longer by laying on the floor and sticking the end in the forward storage area but the problem is that the thwart gets in the way.

    Collars only make 8’4″ nowadays for some reason but will happily cut to size there and then for you at no cost.


    New to the site (and wayfarers MK 2).

    I happen to have an 8 foot pair of oars in the shed.
    What are the best row locks to fit and how do they row as a form of propulsion?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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