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    Colin Parkstone

    Now that the vote is closed I would like to ask people to give some feed back on why, or why not they go to Open Meetings.
    All good and bad reasons I am sure are welcome as this maybe an way to find out what we realy like about them or what we dont.
    Is it cost, are you not able to, is it hard to get away from your club, family ???
    Remember that we have some nice people who give up a lot of time to run the events and sort out the dates when you answer, be nice people!


    The most important reason to attend Open Meetings is to have fun, both on and off the water. I have sadly not attended many in the past few years for no other reason than a lack of a good crew. High expense must be a deterent factor to many at the moment, but this can be minimised by camping on site and simple catering such as barbeques. We cannot do much about the cost of fuel.

    Good topic, Colin – I hope plenty of people contribute.



    Well I miss waves when I sail at the other venues – I only put up with Poole week because the people are so pleasant and they let me win sometimes !!

    But the programme this year looks altogether different and although Phil can’t do Medway ( some trivial event like the World Squash Masters coincides ! ) i hope to attend nearly all the others and I hope to have a crew for the Nationals .


    Like to attend more but missing good club racing, family commitments and distance to travel are reasons not to attend.

    Being able to camp at club is a positive.


    Why would you not try to go to some Open meetings?
    Open meetings improve your sailing abilities.
    Dealing with different challenges, (more better sailed boats; waves at Shoreham; Wind Shifts inland; different tides etc.) improves your performance when you get back to your own club.
    And they are great fun and a chance to dedicate 2 whole days and the intervening overnight to sailing rather than needing to rush back from the club to re-engage with normal life.

    I would recommend everyone to try Open meetings at least once (preferably twice as you will have learnt from the first) and then you will not want to break the habit.


    Fun Fun Fun.

    You always have people to race with at an open meeting. Forget about the people right at the top, aim to beet people who beat you last time. Great social event.

    The calendar for 2012 is too congested for me. The events are mostly 2 weeks apart from each other. I can only really justify one weekend a month away from my family. Cost is a factor for me so venues with camping on site is preferable.


    For me, the main reasons to go to an open / nationals are the social side of things – seeing people you havent met for a while and meeting lots of new people. It is also great to learn from the fleet – the wayfarer fleet is one of the most open classes I have sailed in. People are always willing to give advice and lend a hand.

    The limiting factor in attending is time – a young family limits the amount of weekends I can sail each year.

    The members of UKWA who live in Ireland or Scotland (or perhaps even in the north or northwest) are a long way from the main open events, so cost is likely to be a huge limiting factor. Hopefully a few of us may make it to a few of the events this year. I thnk that the ‘congested calendar’ may make this easier, if we can leave a boat somwhere for a 5 or 6 week period………..any offers?!?!?!?!?


    Colin Parkstone

    More views please!!! The more the better to help with getting a wider view of what will make a good open, this is your forum after all.


    I live four miles from the end of the M23 and only 12 miles from Gatwick . Have room to store 10 boats ( and cars for those who wish to fly home ) Save me cutting the grass for a few weeks !!


    We propose to hold one Race Training Day in 2012 at Medway YC on Thursday 19 July as a warm up day for the Nationals and incorporating the Practice Race for the much prized 🙄 Idler’s Bucket. See programme below.
    Note: free camping is available from the Wednesday 18 July and the Club galley will be open for meals in the evening

    What do you think? Your feedback/comments are welcome. Also I am looking for Gold Fleet sailors to help me on the day, and does anyone know of someone who could video the on-water action for us?

    10:00 Arrival and Registration
    11:00 Briefing and Rules Seminar (focussing on starts, first beat and mark rounding).
    12:00 Lunch
    13:00 Boat Tuning and Demo of Spinnaker handling in the dinghy park
    14:00 On-water practice starts, followed by the Practice Race for the Idler’s Bucket recorded on video.
    16:00 De-rig boats/change and shower
    18:00 Supper
    19:00 Video debriefing in the Clubhouse
    21:00 Ends

    With best wishes and season’s greetings


    I’ll be there Steve – happy Xmas to you all /

    Colin Parkstone

    And a Merry Christmas to you Bigal and all our readers!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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