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    Jesper Skov


    I have an old Wayfarer mk.1 W4163, she was fitted with the old golden Proctor mast when I bought her, and still is.

    I’m currently in process of restoring her, to her former glory.

    When laying up the boat for winter I did an inspection of the mast.

    One of the reasons for the inspection was, that it was almost impossible to hoist the mainsail all the way to the top. It always sort of jammed when there were approx. 20cm left, and I had to sort of lower and raise the main, several times. Brute force never worked. The sail jammed before reaching the top.

    Anyways after taking the mast down and carrying out a more throughout inspection, I did notice the masthead sheave didn’t roll freely but was sort of jammed in place, because the previous owner did a bad repair, not fitting a new correct masthead fitting. But instead fixing metal bars to attach the sheave.

    So my question here is: does anyone know where I can get a complete replacement masthead fitting for the original old Proctor mast?


    I think mast head looks like this (mine isn’t to hand) The top plate is welded on. If you want to stay true you could put out feelers for and old E section gold Proctor mast – doesn’t need to be Wayfarer eg Fireball is fine. Cut the top off it below the sheave and weld it onto yours. You need a decent aluminium welder eg your local sheetmetal works. You could sleeve it if you wanted though a weld should be fine.  Suggest contacting ebay sellers of used dinghy fittings to see if anybody has one and can cut the top off and put it on ebay for you. Otherwise get metal basher to strengthen the fitting you’ve got and put a decent sheave and shaft in it. You can buy sheaves and shafts easy enough or a stainless bolt and spacer would do in place of the shaft. I’m sure its do able but don’t think its a separate fitting like the heel fitting. There must be loads of old/broken gold proctor masts lying around – try any dinghy park! Good luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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