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    Hi All,

    Where can I get oars / rowlocks for a Wayfarer, and where do I get the sockets for the rowlocks. I’ll need to fit these, so any advice on how / where would be good.

    I’m new to Wayfarers having just bought W7846 for cruising with wife and 18 month old daughter. Someone on one of the forums suggested row the first time and a short trip for little ones. Sounded good advice, but mine came as a box of bits ex training grp boat. I’m putting her back together, but it has never had oars.


    Jeremy OSC.

    Bob Harland

    I would recommend Collars for your first port of call;

    they have a better choice of length that most and should be able to supply the accessories.

    There is a rather old article here that may also be useful;
    And the Wayfarer Book (on CD) will tell you about where to position the rowlocks;

    Hope that helps


    Local shipchandlers should have all you need. Prefer the establishment frequented by anglers or professional inshore fishermen. Unless you are going to do an inordinate amount of rowing then its not worth spending a fortune.

    My oars came with a cheap looking plastic collar. I didn’t fit them. Instead I went rowing -t o see where oars wear. Then I used some braided nylon line to do a whipping, then tied a Turks head in the same line (source- local hardware) All thi string was then treated to a good soaking in epoxy (made thin to soak in).Works well, might need to be re-epoxied one day.

    The rowlocks are permanently attached to the oar – get some 2mm line, drill a small hole in the end of each arm of the rowlock. Line is treaded through holes and a stop knot tied at each end so that line is slack enough not to interfere with rowing but will not slip over collar or blade.

    Buy a 3rd socket for the stern and spend the time it takes (about half an hour) to learn to scull



    Just one word of caution. The rowlock fitting that sits in the gunwhale is probably better if it sits flush. If not, it then has a nasty habit of poking you in the bum when you’re sailing rather than rowing. This is what happened on a previous boat I owned.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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