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    Hello all. I am new to the Wayfarer and generally new to sailing altogether so please forgive my ignorance in these matters. We have very fortunately acquired a Wayfarer MK2 GRP. It’s not in the very best of conditions but is perfectly adequate and I have been informed she floats! However we picked up the boat on its trailer and have not seen her rigged or on the water. The plan was to refurbish and replace what we could over winter and be ready to sale in early spring. However, winter refurbishments did not happen and we are now setting-to with the hope of being on the water before Easter.

    Anyway, to the point of this post. We have no mast step? Upon inspecting the bottom of the mast it is simply capped flat with a plastic end cap. The mast step area is simply empty – there is no wood or track, but does have a couple of screws and some fairly bashed up grp. Could anybody advise if there is an easy solution and what is required to hold the mast or would we need to start thinking about new mast heel plug and a new mast step. We are not looking to race but just wish to sail safely. The Wayfarer has definitely been used previously for cruising, however we are also informed that she has previously been measured. Thank you.






    Looking at your photo, you are missing something like this.

    This fits along the centre line of the gap over the damaged GRP. The mast should have a bottom fitting with a tongue that locates in this fitting.

    This photo shows the MK4 version.


    Dave Barker

    Before getting stuck into the detail of this it might be a good idea to check that your mast is in fact a Wayfarer mast. With no mast-heel plug and no mast step (nor a packer under it) there would be room for a different mast – one with a longer distance between its base and the hole where the pivot pin goes through the mast and both sides of the tabernacle.

    To put it another way, if it is a Wayfarer mast you won’t be able to fit the pivot pin without raising the mast foot quite a lot, so long as the mast-heel plug and mast step (+/- packer) are absent.

    It’s important that the mast is the right length and fitted in the right way, because the shrouds will be too long otherwise. This will make it difficult/impossible to achieve any rig tension and you could end up damaging the boat, not to mention struggling to sail the boat properly if the mast leans forward (if indeed it has room to lean that far forward in its gate) due to loose shrouds.

    Unfortunately I don’t have easy access to my mast just now, but perhaps someone else could chip in with a measurement of the distance from the foot of their mast (just the alloy extrusion, not including the projecting part of the plug) to the centre of the pivot hole. This would help to confirm (or otherwise) if the mast is correct.

    If it is a Wayfarer mast then a new plug and a mast step (similar to that shown by Scotty) should get you up and running, with suitably careful positioning. Good luck, and keep us posted!



    Hi all, thank you for the replies. I never thought about the mast not being a wayfarer mast (d’oh). I have a couple of photos of the proctor plate and shall try to get one of the section profile, can’t post them here at the moment. There is a letter H stamped on it, any idea if this means anything? Shall try to find time to raise the mast at the weekend to see if there is a significant gap between the heel and the mast step location may give me a better idea of the issue. Thanks again and I’ll update with some pics soon

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