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    Andrew Morrice

    Hi All

    it seems awful quiet on the forum these days.  Have we really all answered all our sailing questions or what?  Anyhow, here’s a wee vid of an epic day with the Fundoctor and myself on Delphy.  Here’s to autumn sailing and a great season to come.



    Delphy W6330


    My sons at Plymouth Uni and I’ve looked out over the Sound several times thinking it looked a great cruising ground.

    Certainly a nice wee film, what camera are you using? How did you fix it to the end of the boom?


    Really nice vid would be nice to see what you used how was it fixed to the boom keep on sailing .

    Andrew Morrice

    It’s a GoPro camera on a Flex Jaws Mount. (details are at the end of the film)

    The mount is not ideal: vigorous gybes and “boom dipping” episodes can shift the alignment a lot!  Also I have it lashed as a backup.  The ideal boom mount for one of these excellent cameras appears not to be produced by anyone (though I have a design in my head!!).

    The camera is mainly used at work for training, but its great for reviewing sailing technique.  Our other boat is an Osprey, which we are really still learning to sail, and a bit of video brings out those learning points like nothing else can!



    Great film…would you mind if i posted this link on the front page of the home page?


    Andrew Morrice

    no problemo John.  all best.  B

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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