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    Colin Parkstone

    Ok !! Who is going to this one ?

    I have my crew sorted,taken out a mortgage for the fuel and will be on my way to try out for the first time this creek in Norfolk.
    What does the name Waldringfield mean, Walden’s were a persecuted sect in Provence and we know what a field is,so does that make it a field full of persecuted puritans??
    No,I have met them and there is nothing pure about them,just a friendly mob who like to drink a bit and sail well, Looking Forward To It and so will anyone else, Give it a Go!!!

    CP 😀


    Suffolk colin, suffolk….and its a beautiful river not a creek…..but don’t worry its only taken me about 5 years to get to grips with so over a weekend it should be a doddle!

    Everyone should come however as it is a great place and we all look forward to seeing you there



    Kathy and I will be coming. Where can we pitch our big top? We are planning to drive up on Friday.

    Looking forward to meeting Beefeater in real life!



    Camping available in top of club carpark- 50yds to club, less to pub


    tents and motor homes anywhere beyond the trees in the carpark

    Yacht and Dragonfly Classes have organised a Pimm’s Party at the Club on Friday night Everyone is welcome. And there is a Steak BBQ on Saturday evening.

    Looking forward to seeing you all again



    Pimms Party sounds good!

    Will be the club be open on Friday afternoon? Can we just turn up and pitch our tent and maybe even go for sail?



    I am sure someone will be around. Do you have an ETA?. If no one in sight please pitch your tent at the far end of the carpark, beyond the line of trees.



    Sorry , Bigal ( aka Vintner ) won’t be there – OOD for Merlin / Phantom
    open at Shoreham -enjoy !!


    Finally sorted out a crew at the last minute again, so add me to the list of visitors – I’m hoping to travel down (or should it be up?) on Friday afternoon and camping “past the carpark, behind the trees just before the pub”.

    I’ve looked at the Waldringfield website, but couldn’t find the essential duffer’s how-to-get-there map – can anyone point me in the right direction? – A bit more than “north” is required!

    Looking forward to the Pimm’s do, the BBQ and visiting the local pub, – and possibly the racing as well!

    Alan – sorry to hear you can’t make it – having missed you at the end of the Warsash event, I’ve still got that dratted bottle of whisky for you, battered but miraculously unopened. Will it survive until Parkstone?


    Final Gambol

    if you enter 52.051626, 1.331781 into google maps there is the location. (if it helps)


    Hi Brian

    glad you got the camping directions. Here are the driving directions.

    directions to Waldringfield. M25 north to A12, past Chelmesford, Colchester to Ipswich. take a right onto the A14.towards Woodbridge/Felixstowe. about the 3rd exit takes you back onto the A12 to Woodbridge. next roundabout take the 3rd exit to Waldringfield. follow that road until you see the river and the Maybush Pub. turn up immediately before the pub and go up until you get to the Club Carpark. “line of trees” are to the right. Hopefully people should be around on Friday

    CU Friday



    Hi Matt and Margaret

    Many thanks for the directions details. Looking forward to our first visit to the Deben – and hoping we won’t be totally thrashed by you Waldringfield mob!



    This was one I was hoping to go to, but a 3 piece mast following disaster at the medway regatta means I am going to Emsworth to pick up a new one.


    Many thanks, Waldringfield; excellent venue, racing and hospitality. Looking forward to next time.

    Highly recommended to cruisers, too.


    Anyone able to make the results of the Waldringfield outing public? Good to try and keep the momentum up after events, so that anyone who might be thinking of going is inspired, especially with the Nationals so close.

    Thanks and hope you all had a good sail.

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