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    Colin Parkstone

    No the water is not that colour,its a nice place to visit and the gin is

    always good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come back Robin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well I plan to go,who else ?

    Liam and Sue / Scott and Sue / Kath and Tracy / Gordan and ?/ Kathy and Steve hope too.

    PM me and I will put your names on the list !

    CP 🙂


    Kathy and I will be taking the Red Fox to Blackwater. We are looking forward to our first sail on the East Coast.

    Please note that there is a very early start on Saturday the 17th May – the briefing for competitors is a 0930 hours and the first race is 1015 hours. I have uploaded the NOR, SI and Entry Forms to the website and they should appear there in a day or two.

    By the way, I confused Colin with my article in Wayfarer News on the new National Circuit Series. What I meant to say is that you only have to do three out of five meetings in the series to qualify, but that it you are serious about winning it, you will need to compete in all five events. Hope this makes sense. The winner of the spanking new Hartley Laminates Trophy will be the crew with the best three results in the series.

    The National Circuit Series consists of:
    17-18 May Blackwater SC, Eastern Area Championships
    14-15 June Warsash SC, Southern Area Championships
    2-3 August, Waldringfield SC
    27-28 September, Upper Thames SC
    8-9 November, Bough Beech SC.

    Please note that Warsash is the Southern Area Champs (not Western as advertised in the Newsletter). We don’t have a Western Champs or an Inland National Champs in 2008. Hopefully we can put that right in 2009, as the Wayfarer racing revival continues.

    See you on the water!


    I am hoping to go to the Blackwater open, but need a crew. Anyone interested? A reasonable amount of experience would be ideal, but I can’t be too choosy! The only qualification that really matters is to be prepared to race. Call me on 01322 863693 (evening) or email john.goudie@rya-online.net.

    John Goudie
    Cathessa 9812


    Patrick Daly, Class Captain at Blackwater SC has only received 3-4 entries to the open meeting on 17-18 May at the moment. I am sure that many people more people are going, but haven’t got round to completing and sending an entry form (including me!). If you haven’t got time to download and complete the form, please send him a quick email on: patrickdaly@blueyonder.co.uk to signal your intention.

    You will also need to contact Patrick if you want to make arrangements to camp at the club on Friday evening.



    Sorry Steve – failed to pass fitness test for sailing in any wind yet . Hope to be at Warsash


    Finally found a crew for this first Open – all I need now is to fit the centreboard!! Looks like John Goudie has also found a crew, so that’s at least two of us from the Medway who are used to mud.

    I’m going to be brave and arrive Friday afternoon and pitch a tent – I suppose Colin has bagged the Room with a View again!

    Hoping they have a proper bar and they don’t run out of beer! Which reminds me, Alan – are you going to be there so I can at last present you with the bottle of scotch from Parkstone?



    Regrets we won’t be there. Taking delivery/handover of our ‘new to us’ Sadler 26 in Cornwall. Blackwater is such a long way for us for a weekend in any event and thanks to the fuel situation it would be circa £150 to £200 in diesel alone.
    I have a feeling the cost of getting around is likely to hit the open circuits for all dinghy classes this year


    AKA Vintner .See you at Warsash if the neuro-surgeon comes up trumps !!


    Please find below the ‘official’ report of Blackwater which I have beamed off to Y&Y tonight. I look forward to reading any unofficial reports here!

    Wayfarer National Circuit Event at Blackwater SC

    Twenty crews competed in the first UK Wayfarers National Circuit Series event of 2008 at Blackwater Sailing Club on the 17th and 18th May. This event doubled up as the Eastern Area Championships and was convincingly won by Quentin Strauss from Upper Thames SC crewed by Martin Hare from the home club.

    The National Circuit Series is a new innovation for the Wayfarers 50th Anniversary Years and consists of five high quality open meetings at:
    • Blackwater SC
    • Warsash SC (also the South Area Championships) 14-15 June
    • Waldringfield SC 2-3 August
    • Upper Thames SC 27-28 September
    • Bough Beech SC 8-9 November

    Competitors will count their best three results in the series out of the five, and the winners will be awarded the brand new Hartley Laminates Trophy. Two of the new Mark 4 Wayfarers built by Hartleys featured at Blackwater, and Mike McKechnie crewed (and coached) by Graham Ireland proved that the Mark 4 can be as fast as the fastest in the class when it is sailed well,

    The competitors enjoyed two days of fiercely competitive racing at Blackwater in a force 3-4 easterly to north easterly breeze, on excellent Olympic courses laid by the Race Officer, Commodore Barry Foulds and his team. Conditions were grey and overcast on Saturday and sunny and bright on Sunday, but there were some big shifts and much place changing on the beats on both days. Although Quentin and Martin won all four races, they had to work hard in every race to do so, and the other places on the podium were not decided until the final race. In the end Roger Challis and Mark Johnston of Wadringfield SC, squeezed past Mike and Graham of Shoreham SC to take second overall.

    Rank Sail No Helm Crew Club Pts
    1 7588 Quentin Strauss Martin Hare Upper Thames SC 3
    2 9174 Roger Challis Mark Johnston Waldringfield SC 8
    3 10510 Mike McKechnie Graham Ireland Shoreham SC 9
    4 875 Simon Clayton Rachel Clayton Hickling Broad SC 11
    5 10201 Brian Lamb Jo Wicken Wilsonian SC 16


    Check out the official report and pictures on Y&Y http://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/?article=141438


    There are some more pictures from Blackwater in the photo gallery on the main website (see members menu). The photos are wrongly attributed to me (all I did was upload them). The photographer was Peter Gould of Blackwater SC.

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