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    Now that I’ve finished playing around at Univeristy, I’ve had some spare time to edit a couple of new videos.

    The first of the 2010 Ullswater Gathering which I rescued off my broken external harddrive, unfortunately it’s only 5 and a half minutes long, but it’s not too bad! (Even if I say so myself!)

    The second is a small compilation of all the silly things people have got up to on various Wayfarer trips, plus things they wish I hadn’t caught on camera!



    Thanks for the latest videos Kate – brings back memories and of course looking forward to this year’s gathering!


    Dave Barker

    Literally brought back memories – had entirely forgotten getting my foot stuck in the mud on the Ore! Nice to look back, and enjoying looking forward to some more great sailing this year.


    Yes me too, very much looking forwards to this year’s Gathering, more becuase of the antics I think!

    Going through all those video clips wasn’t as tedious as I imagined, I kept chuckling to myself, especailly when I found the one of you getting stuck in the mud Dave! Also the one of Steve dancing in the shallows on the slipway in Scotland. Looking forwards to July is all I can say!




    i hail from plymouth, looks like a lotta fun !

    most enjoyable, cant wait to get my boat out onto plymouth sound soon !


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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