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    David Vella

    Hi all.

    I thought I’d better introduce myself in preparation for the barrage of (silly) questions I will likely be subjecting this forum to in the near future!

    I’ve finally managed to pick up my first Wayfarer (Mk2 Composite)  from the lovely Robin and Maggie Cooter yesterday. It is now in the capable hands of Matt Sharman. It was a long trip!

    Robin and Maggie have had some great adventures on this very same boat, the reports of some of these are available in the online library. I intend to carry on in the same vein, albeit within my (very limited) abilities.

    Even with my very limited abilities I am the best sailor in our little family… I’m hoping to get in as much practice as possible sailing single handed before I start taking passengers on!

    For a start I am looking forward to taking part in the tidal training being organised in May and hope to get to know some fellow wayfarer sailors then.

    Dave Barker

    Hi David,


    You’re very welcome to ask as many questions as you like, silly or otherwise.

    Will we be ‘seeing’ you at the Cruising Conference?

    David Vella

    Still waiting for the program to be published before committing… My spare time is very limited and hard to negotiate, so I have to be careful when choosing what to request “leave” for 🙂

    Dave Barker

    I can tell you that…

    Introduction and lighthearted quiz via Zoom, Fri 26th 7-8pm

    Videos on:

    • Sailing with Children
    • Navigation in Small Boats
    • Electronic Aids for Navigation
    • Buoyancy Aid Testing

    ZOOM session on the above, Sat 27th 11 – 12.30 (you can watch the videos for up to a week in advance, but obviously the Zoom is live)

    Videos on:

    • What to Take & Where to Put It
    • An Introduction to Spinnakers
    • Reefing
    • John (Mellor)’s Toolbox

    ZOOM session on the above, Sat 27th 3 – 4.30 (ditto)

    ** Nipegegi Around Britain – live Zoom, showcasing Will Hodshon & Rich Mitchell’s 2019 circumnavigation, Sat 27th 7pm **

    Videos on:

    • The Mk4 as a Cruising Boat
    • A Look Around Some Boats
    • Hug a Woody! (renovation)
    • Random Sailing Skills
    • Organising a UKWA Rally

    ZOOM session on the above, Sun 28th 11 – 12 (ditto)

    Videos on:

    • Sailing Abroad
    • More Sailing Skills
    • Singlehanded Sailing Tips

    ZOOM session on the above plus general Q&A and close, Sun 28th 3 – 4.30 (ditto)


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