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    Hi All
    we just took delivery of our new Wayfarer W10645 from Richard Hartley at the Ullswater Gathering (which caused much interest!).

    It was a great idea to pick it up there – not only did we get to meet other Wayfaring families but already had some great advice and tips (not to mention all the advice and tips I’ve gleaned from this forum!). Thanks to Jonathan in Shuna for all the advice and look to see you up in Scotland some time. Thanks to Dave and Sally in Escapade for early rigging practice and tips. Thanks to the gentleman who turned up on Sunday for forestay rigging tips. And finally thanks to Simon and Rachel for welcoming us along – despite being boatless interlopers to start with. Sorry we couldn’t stay for the week…. 🙁

    We live in Helensburgh on the Clyde (and also 10 mins from Loch Lomond!). And have my parents and sister & brother out-law (who has use of a Mk1 there) up in Skye. So plenty of excellent cruising potential 😀
    Looking forward to first launch this weekend – probably on Loch Lomond for a picnic with the kids! Weather permitting (which it wasn’t on Sunday at Ullswater)….



    Iain & Ali MacGillivray & crew
    W10645 Saorsa
    (pron. Seersha = liberty/freedom in Gaelic)

    PS. hello Kaskazi in Lochgoilhead! will reply to your intro….


    Thanks Iain – was great to meet you and your family. We very much look forward at some point to sailing with you on Loch Lomond and maybe elsewhere as well. Hope you’ve had your first sail by now, do let us know how you are getting on.



    Hi Jonathan… looks like you got at least some good weather in Ullswater. Great photos of there and Skye!
    Still haven’t managed a sail given weather 🙁




    It was very nice to meet you and your family at the Ullswater gathering.
    I thought you had a very good spec for your boat and I liked the colour scheme.
    Happy sailing.

    Best regards

    W10588 Escapade


    Hi David

    thanks. Having tired already of the dreaded split rings I was remembering that your shroud set up was different. My shroud plate has a fixed bottom loop and I rig the shrouds by taking out the pin from the plate (and dreaded split ring).

    I’ve been looking at alternatives such as fast pins but how did yours work? I think you kept pin in (which kept your tension setting and therefore also split ring not a problem – just leave it there taped up!) and had a fastening from bottom of shroud plate to deck fitting… but what was it? A plain shackle???





    I also hate the split rings and a few years ago changed to spring loaded (fast) pins. I have had no problems with them and they make life so much easier for rigging and unrigging, as I think my system is similar to yours and I use them through the plate. If the rig is tensioned once the mast is up there is sufficient friction that they will not pull out under load anyway but even so the spring bits (which are surprisingly strong) are in no danger of pulling out (but I insert them from inboard to keep clear of the spinnaker sheets). I put them in before raising the mast. If you remember which hole they go through and use the same hole each time the tension is the same.

    Please excuse the focus but the attached photos give an impression.

    They are very simple to push in and pull out and make life much better if you trail regularly.


    As I have rigging phobia, I leave the shrouds attached on modest runs and just rotate the mast onto the supports, crossing the shrouds over. It can be readily done if no cover, or a flat cover is used. A flat cover (as opposed to a trailing cover is versatile for trailing and protection when away, as it has the mast and shroud openings. What a slob!



    perfect, will go get me some of those fast pins ordered ASAP! I had been eyeing them up and great to get confirmation that they work fine…


    like the idea since we may well regularly trail short distances around here (choice of Loch Lomond and various sea lochs)… however I’ve only got a flat trailing cover – it’s got a mast opening but no shroud openings 🙁



    Colin Parkstone

    Has your cover got just a mast hole or does it have a fordeck centre join from the bow/forstay.
    For the life of me I do not see any use with this kind of flat trailing cover,one must need shroud cutouts ?
    If you can I would change it for a flat,trailing with cutouts cover or have shroud cutouts put into it.
    C P 🙂
    Ps, if you use fast pins,put a string on them so not to loose them!!


    Hi Colin,
    mast hole and foredeck centre join but NO shroud holes. Have a good local sailmaker who could easily adjust or my wife is very handy with sewing machine.
    However also just remembered that I have another cover than Richard Hartley left me by accident! Will check… may be boom up cover?


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