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    The new website will go live imminently..

    It has been rewritten in new software, rather than an upgrade from the existing site. So the transfer of the data has been a longer process than expected..

    Inorder to log onto the members area of the site members will need to register again. We made this decision because it would have cost too much to transfer everything over to the new site. Please fill in your details and Sarah will approve your membership if you have renewed. Non members will see less of the new site than the old one. The forum has been ported across so your old forum name and password will still apply.

    Please consider the new site to be just a start. We want to enhance it further over the coming years but hope it will be easier to navigate, more interesting and more dynamic.

    Like all projects – it may not be perfect! if you find an area we should improve or some problems please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    John Dighton


    HI John, many thanks or taking on the new website and good luck in developing it. I hope you will welcome “debugging” cooments in the helpful spirit they are intended. Just a couple. Firstly I was looking for material in the cruising/ setup and equipment section to see if anyone had added further to a thread on nav lights. (I did make a contribution some time ago.) The initial item was there, but on “click to read more” I was just taken back to the home page rather than the small ream of info and photos I know is there. I think there was a lot more material in that section generally, although I guess the transfer takes time, but the click to read more didn’t work as expected. Second one – in race/reports I found a report of a cruising rally. I often put bugs like the first one down to use of Chrome, but it’s the same in Firefox and IE9.



    Many thanks for taking the time to document these. I will go through them and sort these out.

    Much appreciated.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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