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    Jesper Skov

    Hello fellow Wayfarer’s

    A short introduction to who I am.

    Male, 44 years old wife and a son, living in Ringsted, Denmark. No prior sailing experience, 

    I have for many years had a desire to learn to sail a sailboat, eventually owning a sailboat.

    However with absolutely no sailing experience at all, I was advised to start out with a Wayfarer.

    The word from my back then colleague with whom I shared this desire – to learn to sail without any prior experience, he’s words were: Get a Wayfarer, it’s somewhat forgiving, yet challenging…..and you’ll learn to sail, since even though a Wayfarer supposedly should be forgiving, it will also punish you for your mistakes.

    Anyway, what intrigued me into buying my own Wayfarer, were due to many reasons, not only the above, but also, the fact that when you capsize in a Wayfarer (given it is properly maintained) it will float…….and you’ll not get ruined by buying a Wayfarer.

    Well one month ago, I put action behind my words, and bought a nice Mk.1 Wayfarer for a decent price. I trolleyed it back home, and spend roughly one month fixing minor things, including new sealings to rear and front hatch, as well as making new floating blocks for the forward buoyancy chamber (they were missing). New floor plates, since the original ones were rotten. As well as other things.

    May 26th was the big day, and my boat was finally launched into it’s right elements! What a sight…but sailing a Wayfarer also meant, that I realized just how much I have to learn in order to handle my Wayfarer in a secure way, so I eventually can bring my family with me, out sailing.



    Bob Harland

    Hi Jesper, welcome to the Wayfarer. I hope you enjoy learning to sail it. You have some fantastic sailing in Denmark. We have been to Denmark with our Wayfarer 3 times and next week we visit again.

    You may know there is a Wayfarer Association in Denmark

    Best wishes



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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