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    Magnus McDonald

    Hello all. Just introducing myself, I purchased W8698 recently, a Moores built MK2SD. This is only my second “big” boat after a Gull. She is in pretty good shape, a couple of holes that have been fixed to a good standard, some stiff cleats, but brand spanking new Trident cruising sails (main with masthead flotation patch and a cruising jib), the centreboard and rudder are all in great nick, and it has been treated to varnish and paint. A thoroughly lovely boat to sail. I was out on a fellow club members Mk2 in Bridlington Bay this weekend in f5 gusting to 6, reefed, haven’t had that much fun in a boat in ages. Surfing down the waves with a face full of spray! Can’t wait to sail mine again.

    I intend to do some work to the boat, in no particular order:

    Р replace the mast foot as the (plastic) sheaves are cracked and seized. Perhaps just buy new sheaves if anyone can recommend a supplier

    – buy/fit jib roller furling (maybe reefing if I can stretch to it) gear. Not sure I really need reefing gear with the fairly small jib.

    – replace the jib halyard (wire or rope? It has a highfield so am thinking wire, and I have the kit to make one up, advice welcome here)

    – fit the shiny new Ronstan centre main swivel I’ve got to replace the knackered RWO item

    – replace the cheesy main halyard and mainsheet and various other ropes. Take off some of the superfluous spinnaker fixings so it isn’t sticking in my crews bum.

    –¬† sail!




    West Yorkshire



    Hi Magnus,

    I would replace the pulleys not the whole of the mast foot. Trident hold a good stock of parts as do Pinbax.

    I wouldn’t be without my genoa reefing spar but it is quite an expense and I did manage for years without one.

    Wire jib halyard most definitely. Hard eye one end and soft eye long enough so that the swaged ferrule does not exit the mast.

    I see it is a while since you posted your enquiry and it was probably not picked up because it was not in the tech section (now remedied by web team).

    I also note you are at Bridlington. A friend of mine nearly lost a boat there whilst coming ashore in the surf lots of beach I seem to recall.


    Magnus McDonald

    Hi John – thanks for the reply and advice. Wire jib halyard is the way I’m going, and have got hold of some replacement sheaves for the mast foot. Just about to order the Selden 20S furling gear.

    Brid was great, we went as a club so 50 ish of us. Local advice for coming back in was to keep it nailed and plough it up the beach which was quite spectacular in a Wayfarer.




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