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    I was very impressed by the use of the single bungee reefing pennants secured by bobble and tiga ties in the “expert” reefing video.
    This new method seems to be better than the continuous shockcord with captive hooks. The chance of the hooks becoming caught on the shrouds is eliminated.
    Perhaps the recording holding “expert” and others might like to comment?

    Dave Barker

    This non record-holder agrees that the single bungees are a better idea than the “continuous weave” system. You need to make sure that they’re long enough – especially the second (and third) reef, if fitted.

    Bob Harland

    We have used the continuous shockcord with captive hooks for many years. It’s one of the few things on the boat that we have never wanted to change as it works so well.
    The difficulty with pulling a reef in on the open sea is that you have to work on both sides of the boom. With continuous shockcord one can quickly grab it anywhere along the length and get the hook on.

    I have never had the hooks get caught on shrouds, but occasionally they do catch on something when hoisting the main.


    But can you beat 50 seconds!!!!


    Somehow I think not!

    I too like Bob, use continuous loop bungee with hooks, and have found that the hooks have got caught on the shrouds on more than one occasion – probably due to my ineptitude. I probably won’t change to individual pennants as I seem to be able to find the hooks reliably in a wind (which is mostly when we reef Matt!).

    As a man less young than Matt however I did (if my memory serves me) manage just over the minute in the reefing contest (cruisers never race, do we?), but the judge (who in my opinion is biased against pink boats) marked me down for sail shape {:-(



    Thanks Dave B, Bob, Matt and Dave M.

    My request should not be viewed as the early stages of a record attempt but simply a safety refinement.

    As stated originally I have caught the clips of the continuous reefing system in the shrouds. It might produce serious consequences if the sail is prevented from changing tack.

    I feel that inserting the perhaps elusive bungees in the tiga ties should not slow me down too much. As there has been no negative reaction I intend to change to this new system.

    Dave M mentions ineptitude. The following links him to gross ineptitude contrasting to positive thinking. Some years ago W5811 was sitting on the sand waiting for the incoming tide. I decided to hoist the main to check that all was in order. Having started it in the mast groove by hand I heaved on the halyard which had so little friction that I sat on a side bench. I had failed to secure the bobble properly at the head of the sail and it was now swinging gently back and to about 8 feet above my head.

    My attempts to remedy the situation by standing on the boom and reaching with the jibstick produced no success but merely attracted a group of amused onlookers. Up sauntered Dave M.
    “Well I never!” he said. (Perhaps it was a little more forceful!!)

    He organised us all to one side of the dinghy while he stood at the other. We were told to all push on the gunwale. The boat assumed an angle and the offending bobble was soon in Dave’s hand.

    I am now very slightly more competent.


    Nice story, so I have to add the below (if I have done it right): –


    Hi Matt.

    Yes!! Your picture shows how it should be done. A picture is usually worth a thousand words.

    Your reefing system is both simple and efficient. The new bungee system seems to be the final refinement. Pictures of your boat appeared in the Magazine in 2006 and I found them very instructive.

    For those who did not see them would you be prepared to put a few photos of your reefing system on this Forum? I’m sure it would be valuable resource.

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