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    Put my name down as greed – short for Glyn Reed. Many many years ago when I bought my first bike aged 13 I bought some initials to stick on the crossbar. Couldn’t afford more than five letters so put G Reed on bike. Friends thought it was great fun with the name ‘greed’ – stuck for a bit – no more though!
    Anyway onto the sailing. Based at Rutland Water. Have owned a Wayfare +S for about two years now (9760). A great great boat and love it to bits. Unfortunatley it was a half share I bought and the other guy wants to sell now – I’m working on that one.
    I also own a Laser 2000 and race as often as I can. We use the Wayfarer more for family sailing. The Assymetric on the L2K is great fun.
    What I want to do now is to become a bit more active with the Wayfarer. We would like to race the boat and meet up with others in the association. We are missing a Spinnaker though and are not too sure how to sail it either! Can anyone help please? An old Spinnaker for sale(have all the other bits and pieces – ropes/ strings etc look a bit tatty) and a bit of training would be a great start for us.
    I sail with my wife Sarah, and crew a Laser 4000 at Grafham with another sailing friend.
    Look forward to meeting up sometime and trust someone has an old Spinnaker we can buy for a reasonable sum. Once we master the art of the Spinnaker – who knows!
    Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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