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    some pictures would be worth a few thousand words here – but to be as breif as words allow:

    I have the opportunity this winter to rethink the rig as I’ve stripped my cockpit out of anything that isn’t built in in preparation for repainting/varnishing. The boat is currrently rigged for racing, but essentially I want to be able to use this boat for racing, day sailing, and cruising within the foreseeable future, and whilst I love the dual controls, the current bracket for the kicker, outhaul and cunningham control lines makes sleeping in the boat an impossibility (as it projects beneath thwart). Also I have two jib tracks on each side one for a block, the second for a fairlead and cleat: this makes the forward bench not much of a seat. Guests/passengers (let alone light-wind crew) don’t feel welcomed by a block under their bum! Reading my Wayfarer Book I was struck by the very neat arrangement for racing controls in the Mark IV (have a look a copy if you have one), also I’ve noticed the much longer forward benches in the Mark II etc, and I’ve been wondering what can be done to emulate these. Here’s what I thought

    Dual controls: lead up through the thwarts via a row of three sheaves (about 7cm between centres) and thence to nearby set of cleats with flairleads, mounted on a wedge of mahogany just inboard of the the side benches. Possible worries: weakening the thwart?. Advantages: nice and convenient for both helm and crew, and can simply be looped out of the way for sleeping.

    Genoa sheet: (bit harder to explain). With my trusty wayfarer book and a tape measure, I found the recommended range of points for the genoa running along the aft half of the inner slat of the forebench. Again, looking to copy the Mark IV layout I thought of a single (shorter) track with a travelling block for adjustment, and then lead the sheet through a second block mounted close to the outermost aftemost point of the thwart (under the deck), thence back to a fairlead/cleat mounted on the aft end of the outboard slat, angled to point directly at the crew. Worries: when the wayfarer book refers to the points for the sheet control in different winds presumably this means the geometrical point at which the sheet stops running aft? would the geometry work out in practice? Also, everything (duals, genoa sheets and spinnaker sheets) will be coming to same small area of boat – or is this good? The range of points as defined in the Book are a little inboard of those resulting from the current rig (by 3cm or so).

    Benches: a strict reading of the rules states extending the side seats forward on a M1 would be outside the rules, however, as it would make the boat maybe a kilo or two heavier and no easier to actually race, it would be hard to see how this could be seen as unfair. Options seem to me to include an extra 6 – 8 inches supported off small forward facing brackets, or a bench running up to the level of the foredeck and essentially hung from the foredeck edge. worries: might be a lot of work for small advantage (ie seems a good idea in theory but no use in practice).

    All comments gratefully recieved.

    PS: Can pictures be posted?

    Bob Harland

    Hi Andrew,
    this article shows how we have setup our boat – we do a bit of club racing, but the boat is setup with cruising in mind;

    There are some posts around on the forum with fitting jib tracks under the side-benches – that may help you.

    I try to avoid making new holes in the wood – cutting a hole in the thwart, in that lovely wood ………

    hope that helps

    PS I don’t quite understand the need to increase the side-benches.
    PPS – use upload attachment for photos – at the bottom of the page


    Hi Andrew,

    As Bob said the way that you attach photos is by clicking the ‘upload attachment’ tab ( It is just above DisableBBCode)

    If you need any more help with this then send me a message.

    George (653)


    I’ve done some wee drawings on a copy of some nice wayfarer plans I got …
    I hope they are self-explanatory: I had to shrink the file somewhat


    Colin Parkstone

    How about putting the outhaul tail and cleat on the boom.
    The cunningham on the mast or fordeck edge for the crew to work.
    That leaves the kicker, the kicker needs to be aft for the helm but now its the only one aft.
    Lead the genoa sheet between the bench gap and then up to a cleat on top of the bench somehow, cleaner side benches.
    That will take away the ropes in that triangle between the thwart and centrebox side and give more space for sleeping.


    The obvious thing to de-rope the cockpit is to do as you suggest Colin, but I suppose I’m trying to emulate this set (attached) up which seems to me to combine a lot of good elements for racing with a set up that won’t impede the camper! For all purposes aside from racing these controls wouldn’t be led up to the thwart on either side. I’d never sailed a boat with dual controls until we bought W6330 but now I have them I’m keen to keep them.

    Sorry I didn’t know about the picture posting before now!

    Anyhow I’d be glad to know if anyone’s tried this or anything like it, or knows of any reasons why its definitely a bad idea!


    Well Andrew the set up you show is just what I have on my wooden boat. I sat a track in the gap between the two seat slats. This had to be curved slightly to get it in.

    My jib sheet goes from the sail to a block on the track then to a ratchet turning block and finally to a swiveling bulls eye and jammer. The jib sheet is accessible by both helm and crew so single handed sailing is not a problem.

    The long track is very useful when I reef the genoa to optimise the sheeting angle and with the track sat in the gap it keeps the seating area clear. Certainly not comfy. I find that after three days Wayfarer bum sets in and it doesn’t matter what you sit on you get sore.

    I have the kicker, spinnaker halliard and genoa reefing lines led back to the helm fixed on the centreboard case. There is plenty of room for sleeping and the lines do not have to be moved.

    For all things Wayfarer you would find the Cruising Conference near Nottingham invaluable. It is only a couple of months away and you would be most welcome.

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