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    Pete Smith

    So here’s a Q to get the juices flowing.
    I’m looking at buying fresh racing sails for my 4 year old Hartley (Stonking boat) over the Winter months and wondered if anyone had any views on which are better if any and why.
    I’ve had Jeckells on the boat since new and find the main a bit tricky to read esp on reach in lighter winds. (Could my ageing eyesight! or these crispy modern sails!)
    So does anyone have any strong views either way and is there a published list of the sails used by say the top 20 boats in the Europeans. That’s probably as good a measure as any.
    Be cool to hear from any one who has a Hartley and had both!

    Any feedback though greatly appreciated (except of course from Mike Mac and the Hartleys!)


    Colin Parkstone

    Oh Peter,how long do you want us to be at this and in the end you will still not have a definitive answer!
    Mike always wins and makes his own, Dave Wade is an ace sailor also and he uses another makers, new guys to the class did well and are new sail makers on the block but the helm is ace also!
    If you know what you want and your having an issue with a part of a sail you have your not be looking for that issue in a new set but they may have a differing one instead!
    I use Banks and do well at my club but im not good enough to win a championship so is that the sails or is it me? I think i know its me!
    Your hear all kinds of people with all kinds of theories about which is best but in the end its your cash and so its you who has to decide.
    Cost will have a bearing im sure but the cheapest can be that for a reason, I would say do lots of homework on how long or how much experience a maker has in a fleet and see if you can try a set from another maker or even just one sail so as to eliminate one sail at a time.
    Why do you have to have a whole set from one place, there were people at the Euros with mixed suits as they must have preferred one sail maker over another for each sail.
    We are not a one design class, we have a choice so take advantage of that to suit yourself!
    Its a long length of string Peter, Good Luck !!

    Dave Bevan

    I think it’s more important to find a sail maker who can understand your needs, the conditions you sail in, the boat and the ability/weight of the crew. +/-£ becomes irrelevant if you’ve bought something unsuitable 💡
    We have Macnamara’s and they were made to suit our inland racing conditions in generally flat/light conditions. Whether they are any good for racing in coastal/heavy weather, I have no idea!
    Our boat was originally setup for Hyde cruising sails and it happens that the Macs work well with the minimum bend that the Hydes were setup for.
    So Pete, where do you sail? Why the Jeckells initially, and did they come with the boat?

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