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    Paul Latimer


    so finally bought my first boat and looking forward to taking it out, however few things to sort before I do this. One of which was a repair to the aft buoyancy tank, which thanks to the good advice of a fellow member, i have sorted that issue. One of things baffling me now is why can’t I move the centreboard whilst it is on the trailer? There’s a pin which has been dropped down to presumably stop the board from dropping whilst towing, but I cannot seem to remove the pin to lift the board up, it’s fully wedged in. I have read other posts that to inspect the centreboard I need to turn the boat on it’s side, not sure I want to do this. When in water, am I right to assume the pin and board just become loose, and can then be lifted and dropped.

    Any advice or direction would be much appreciated



    Bob Harland

    Hi Paul, usually whilst on the trailer or trolley the boat support will be under the centreboard slot and stop the centreboard lowering and it will have very limited movement. But your trailer may be different.

    There will be a fairly chunky pivot bolt under the floorboards.

    Not sure about the pin you refer to – could you post a photo?
    Normally, from inside the boat the centreboard is pushed forward to raise it or aft to lower it.

    hope that helps

    Paul Latimer

    Paul Latimer

    Hi Bob

    the board and pin is in the same position when I picked the Wayfarer up. I travelled 50 miles to get her home, so I am guessing that the vibration has caused the pin to become fully wedged in. I can be a bit heavy handed at times and want to be gentle so not to damage the board but it isn’t budging and I can’t see even getting her on water will loosen the pin. I have not tried pushing the board slightly more forward to see if this gives.



    Dave Barker

    The value of a photo! It’s obviously a pin intended to hold the centreboard in the fully raised position (when deployed), but which is currently out of position and has jammed down one side of the case. (There seems to be a hole about 10cm further forward – arrowed in photo – which presumably extends through the case and the centreboard).

    I think it would be true to say that most people don’t use (or have) such a pin, and it shouldn’t really be necessary, as the board should have a friction brake (a.k.a. a short piece of squashed hosepipe), and anyway typically cannot drop down when on the trolley, as Bob has already mentioned.

    To un-jam the pin I think you’re going to have be firm with it. I would suggest long-nosed pliers if there’s room, grab the end of the pin and pull, simultaneously trying to move (raise) the centreboard very slightly by pushing forward/down on the part with the two doorstops and blue webbing attached. Realistically you’ll probably need to rock the centreboard up and down – I’m talking about a couple of mm either way, so you may not need to lift the boat, but if you do it’s possible to do this by wedging a crate or some tyres under the stern and then lifting the trolley slightly at the bow, which will in turn slightly take the boat’s weight off the trolley amidships. There may alternatively be some value in levering the board and case apart extremely carefully with a wide pry bar, but only when you have hold of the pin and are able to exert an upward pull, or you could make matters worse. Preferably wrap the end of the pry bar in a cloth to minimise risk of damage to the cb or case.

    When you finally get the pin out I suggest you remove it from the boat and fill the holes in the case and the centreboard.

    Good luck!

    Paul Latimer

    Cheers Dave.

    I’ve seen the pin in use on a Laser Stratos before specifically to prevent movement of the board when out of the water. Have now managed to dislodge it by pushing the board forward which allowed enough give to release the pin. Will do as you suggest and remove it

    thanks for the advice


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