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    James Buckley


    I’ve just bought my first Wayfarer: Sandaig 9491.

    I’ll be sailing and racing her at Medway Yacht Club. Hopefully see some of you on the water sometime!


    Dave Barker

    Welcome, James!


    Hi James, I’m also a member at MYC. I haven’t been there much this year but was at the Mike Mac training day a couple of weeks ago. If you have any questions about Wayfarer racing at MYC or about sailing/racing the boat, I’m sure your class captain, Stewart Coltart, will be very happy to help. Richard Stone, Catherine Gore and all the other experienced Wayfarer sailors there will be more than willing to share their knowledge of the boat. Enjoy sailing and racing her, and I look forward to talking with you in the next few weeks. Tim

    James Buckley

    Thanks Tim – I enjoyed the race yesterday, very much, learnt loads. Congrats on your first win of the season!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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