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    I’ve just bought a Wayfarer World (W10105) from the Lochgoilhead Centre and having bought replacements for the missing bits (rudder tiller kicker and boom end block, originals presumably at the bottom of Loch Goil !) I have sailed her a couple of times from Lochgoil Watersports Club where we are overwhelmed by motor and fishermen !

    Any other owners in the West of Scotland /Clyde area ?

    I’m wondering who at at what cost can do a measurement and buoyancy certificate as the boat doesn’t have one ?

    Also the crew (s) need training; hoping the aforementioned Centre can do that (at a discount of course.)


    Hi kaskazi, just got a new Wayfarer last weekend:
    Stay in Helensburgh so not very far… Just getting my wife and kids (9 and 6 year old twins) started.
    Planning trips on Loch Lomond and pottering about Gareloch and other Clyde sea lochs….



    Iain & Ali MacGillivray
    W10645 Saorsa (pron. Seersha)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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