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    Stuart White

    Just acquired a somewhat neglected Mk1 Composite that had been abandoned at my sailing club. I had been on the look out for a nearly new Wanderer because I didn’t really want a project but felt I had to save the old girl. Porbably going to regret it!

    The hull seems in pretty good shape except for a lot of flaky paint inside, so that will bet probably getting a coat of flowcoat after a fair bit of sanding and scraping! The outside is still original white gelcoat and looks good. The two short sections of the aft side decks needs replacing as they have been exposed to the weather for a long time so that will be the main job to crack on with once the flowcoat is done. The rest of the woodwork seems sound enough to get away with a good sand and varnish for now.

    The plan is to get on with it quickly enough to have it sailing by the end of August to check all is OK then maybe a bit more refurbishment over the winter!


    Stuart – we have almost the same hull number – mine is w4031 – but all grp – I am based at Keyhaven now – see pic

    For info all the wayfarer chat seems to have moved to the much more active Facebook group called – Wayfarer dinghy group – I suggest you join that if you are looking for answers to problems.

    Jerome FR – W447

    Hi Stuart.
    After a one year common life, how is that old girl?
    Does she recover?
    What about you in that history?
    One year after, do you consider her as a festive gift or a little bit poisoned one?
    Did you get good times together lastly?
    Is she ready to sail, or does she need more repairs before going back on the water?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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