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    Hi All

    I’ve just bought a Wayfarer and joined the forum.

    The boat has been unloved and untouched at our club for at least three years or so – much of it without a cover so I am busy trying to fix it.

    It’s a Mk2 GRP by Small Craft (7519). It has a Spinnaker which has the right number on and appears to have neen used.

    There appear to have been a number of “improvements” to the rigging over the years some of which have fallen off.

    I’m trying to decide how to rerig the boat and I’d like to know how it was originally set up. My main area of confusion is spinnaker and jib/genoa sheeting as there is only one set of cleats.

    There are adjustable tracks on the forward seats with no cleats. They look new. There are cleats and fairleads on the side deck just behind the shroud (they look original) – but they look a long way back for the foresail and a long way forward for the spinnaker. Perhaps that’s what the other fairlead on the side deck midway between shroud and transom is for (that looks newish)?

    There’s also a couple of fairleads near the edge of the foredeck – aligned for a rope going fore and aft but again no cleats.

    It’s also unclear where the kicker and cunningham were cleated – a system for adjusting from either side of the boat has been added but I don’t like it much as the cleats are so nearly vertical that I’ll still need to be within a foot or so of the centre line.

    I haven’t looked for the pole downhaul fittings yet!

    The deck is beige gelcoat. I need to repair it where the stemhead fitting has been pulled out after a boat park incident (the cause of it being abandoned). Is it a standard colour and where could I get some to match or do I have to mix my own?

    And finally – the round hatchcover for the forward buoyancy tank is missing – it’s six inch diameter and threaded. I can’t see any markings on it. Does anyone know what make of hatch might have been used.

    Thanks for reading this far, I’d be grateful for any advice.


    Dave Barker

    Hi Russell,

    Our boat is by Smallcraft, so there may be some similarities.

    The fairleads on the foredeck are (apparently) remnants of a now outmoded sheeting system for the jib. Likewise the tracks on the side deck near the shrouds, which create too wide a sheeting angle for a modern genoa, which should be sheeted to a point near the rear edge of the front benches (track mounted either between the inner and outer slats or on the outer edge of the inner slat). This allows the boat to point higher than the older, side deck version, but requires the genoa to be cut differently, which is something to watch for if you’re thinking of buying a second-hand genoa for any reason. I think the sheets used to go through the foredeck fairleads and were cleated on the side deck tracks but I’m not certain about this.

    The fairleads mounted further back sound like spinnaker sheet leads. Blocks would be even better but you might get away with plain fairleads for the time being. There are some good articles about spinnaker setup and rigging on the web. Here’s one:-

    Uncle Al has altered his spinnaker setup over the years and now uses the so-called balls system linked at the bottom of that page, so read around the site and see what you think.

    Don’t necessarily rush to cut holes before consulting widely on what works for others…

    You can probably mount cleats on the rear face of the thwart for the kicker (and cunningham) at a better angle (approx. 45 degrees?), or perhaps on the face of the panel leading up to the side deck, above and abaft the thwart. Mine are on the rear of the thwart and work OK but are occasionally released by the crew’s backside when sitting in in lighter airs!

    I’ll have a look at my tank hatch at the weekend if I remember – it might just be the same brand.


    Hi Rusell,
    Cruising Conference in April – plenty of ‘experts’ willing to answer all your questions and other boats to have a poke around (and a very friendly lot of wayfarer sailors).

    Dave Barker

    I remembered to look at the hatch – RWO. Does the remaining bit on yours look anything like this?


    Thanks Dave and Matt.

    I understand now how the sheeting has been set up – I had thought that the fairleads on the deck were too far forward for the jib but if that was where the jib sheets were then it’s clear that the other ones are for the spinnaker. You’re right they would be better with blocks but I’ll see how they work first. They’ll probably be OK if I use fairly thin sheets. There are tracks on the seats for the genoa but it looks like I’ll have to buy cleats for them.

    I’m still undecided about the kicker/cunningham. The current system doesn’t appear to work very well ,uses loads of blocks, and a couple have pulled off their mountings. But think of all the holes to fill in if I take it off. I hate making holes.

    My tank hatch is tiny compared to that – but if they used RWO parts then that might be worth checking out. Unfortunately it’s not a good time of year for having a poke round other peoples boats.

    I hope to have it on the water by April.

    Thanks again.


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