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    Howdoo everyone, Myself and my partner Julie bought a wayfarer Mk 2 , sail number W6610 last June and it is berthed at Ullswater. We have sailed previously on yachts and everyone said “if you want to learn how to sail properly, get a dinghy”. Looking around and asking, we soon came across the Wayfarer and its enthusiastic sailors. We are immensely pleased to own one now and had a great time last year learning our little yellow boat, as we have nicknamed it, with it having yellow sails and a mustard yellow deck. We went to the cruising conference last year March?05 but have not made any other meets. When we got the boat we got the berth with it at Waterside Campsite on Ullswater and we just camp in front of our berth when we are up there, so we have never trailed. We plan perhaps to cruise up in the highlands for a week in September being careful not to venture out of our depth and experience.We have a very stiff centreboard to attend to first, Ian Porter has given us very helpful advice , any more would be very welcome. Nice to speak to you all. Be seeing you. Anthony Mannion and Julie Hobson

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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