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    Hi Everyone!

    My names mike and i’m based in Shaftesbury Dorset. Hope you are all well. I joined the club as i want to get into sailing and after a lot of research i love the whole idea of getting a Wayfarer, i love the looks and the design and most the community behind it hence joining here as i was pointed this way from the dinghy cruising association facebook page. Just wanted to say a hello and i’m going to post in a another forum page for some advice on the best model wayfarer to get for my first boat but just wanted to say hello here first.

    Cheers for now!.



    Hi Mike,

    I see your querie about which boat to get has been answered on facebook.  For the best information on all things Wayfarer you can’t beat the Cruising Conference. You can talk to a bevy of experts and get all, well most, of your questions answered. After the conference you will be thinking about all the new questions you should have asked.   The date is 22 – 24 March. Facebook Wayfarer Dinghy Group is very good but make sure you get the best advice by taking note of the Group Experts advice.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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