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    When I enquired about ordering a new mast from my chandler in Toronto, I was informed that Proctor offers Wayfarer masts in both “D” and “E” sections and recommended a “D” mast section. This doesn’t tally with the information posted on the Selden-Proctor website, which calls for an “E” section profile for the Wayfarer. Just wondering if new boats in the UK are now using “D” profile masts and what would the advantages be – is it a stiffer or more flexible mast?


    Colin Parkstone

    Kit Hi,
    The masts in the Uk are E section.
    Class rules and so the only one to use.
    That said, others have been used but you may have to open the mast gate to fit.
    The D section is wider and stiffer and would be a bit stronger with less bend but may make the gust responce slower or less than the E section and so less forgiving in a blow.

    CP 🙂


    Hi Kit,

    I think the next Internationals are in Canada jointly with the USA? So as Colin says it has to be a Proctor E by the class rules to avoid an expensive mistake!

    Hope all is well



    I wondered whether I was getting mis-information about the mast profile from our supplier – so thanks for the clarification.
    Just as a point of interest though, do the class rules actually specify that an “E” section is required? From what I can tell, only the sectional weight is prescribed.

    26.2 Design of metal or wood masts. Shall comply with the official drawings. Heel may be tenoned.
    26.3 Metal masts shall be made from extrusion weighing not less than 1.089 kg/m (0.732 lbs/ft).

    This would mean that a Proctor “Gamma” section could also be used (assuming that one would want to use a mast with those characteristics). FD’s use both these sections.

    Hi Ray,
    Everything’s OK here. I’m in the process of restoring another woodie – W994 – re-decking and re-fastening the whole hull, which is otherwise in pretty good shape, but lacking a mast!
    We have already had preliminary discussions about the location of the 2013 Worlds – leaning toward Port Credit YC again – the same venue as in 2004.

    Best wishes,

    Colin Parkstone

    The rule 26.2,” shall apply to official drawings ” is correct as the drawing is only of an “E ” section mast.
    The weight i would say is to keep the sections within a building tolerance so as to not have a thin or thicker wall section for that section.

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