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    The Wayfarer is the world’s preminent dinghy cruiser-racer. The new Hartley boat seems to have given rise to some runctions within the racing fraternity. Has anyone looked at the boat from a pottering cruising perspective?

    Floorboards are not really a luxury item on a cruising dinghy – can the new boat take floorboards?

    Being of a somewhat (over) large build my main complaint about my Mk1a is that there is a distinct lack of height under the thwart, making it difficult to turn over when snoozing. Has any one measured the space under the thwart in the new boat.




    I’m hoping to take delivery of a brand new Hartley ‘cruising’ wayfarer towards the end of July. As you can imagine excitement in the house is mounting. I’ve also just returned from my first ever boat tent experience on the suffolk rivers rally, and can vouch for the fact that the thwart on a Mk 2 is not ideal! As for boat tenting….isn’t it a great way to have an adventure?

    I gather that in the wayfarer world, the fact that there is no fixed rear buoyancy means that there is actually 6ft 6in from stern to thwart….what luxury. On the Hartley the space is apparently 7 inches shorter, so at 6ft 3in I recko the thwart will end up above my calf if I ooch down a bit. Much better than the Mk2. The lack of floorboards could be an issue, but plenty of people seem to cope well sleeping in wayfarer worlds, so I’m quite confident all will be well. With luck I’l have to do a bit of tinkering to find a way of effectively sealing the transom drainage holes for boat tenting purposes. I’ll keep you posted, and when I’ve got the boat anyone passing Nottingham is welcome to call in for a play.



    I’m an unashamed racer but always follow the cruising (bigger) part of the fleet with interest.

    I sincerely hope that the cruising fraternity has been considered with the new boat. I think the thwart has been moved aft a bit unless I am mistaken, which may be good for the crew when racing (I simply beat mine about the head if he complains) but perhaps not so good for cruising/overnighting.

    Many of us really look forward to any (hopefully positive) feedback about the new boat in a non racing mode.

    It was a good sight watching everyone go past on saturday


    I look forward to the opportunity of seeing this new cruiser from Hartley.
    As the owner of a mark2, my concerns are strength and build quality. Should I invest in a retirement present or hang on to 6720?

    Dave Barker

    I can certainly confirm Charles’ positive comments about the weekend’s rally, and thank you G.O’R for your appreciative comments both about seeing the Deben part of our visit and about the class in general – we’re all Wayfarer sailors and as such need to understand and support each other to keep the class healthy and vibrant.

    Jim, for what it’s worth, my advice would be to wait for the new design to “bed in” for a year or even two. The quality of the cruising variant will by then (we hope) be known.



    I think you are right. 6720 is a good sturdy boat and forgives me so much. I would be sad to lose her if the truth be known.

    I shall wait and see, thanks for the reply


    Jim 😀

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