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    Evening all!

    Names Mark, been sailing for just over 2 years now. Started out with a Laser as the wife was not interested in sailing, but other family members showed an interest so got myself a Wayfarer to go with the Laser. Unfortunatley previous owners had not looked after it as well as they could have done, and my only guess at the number is from what remains of a sail it was sold with, 8127.

    Im based in Hoddesdon and my local club is Hertford County Yatch Club,

    Thats all for now,



    Dave Bevan

    Hi Mark,
    Welcome to the forum. I’m not far from you – I live in Hitchin, and sail at Grafham.


    Hi Dave,

    Been to Grafham, its a nice place to sail!
    Great for spinnaker practice too, our lake is a bit too small to make the best use of a spinnaker on a Wayfarer!


    Hi there

    I have W1695 Tacks Free at Hertford. Seems as though we are the only two members of the Association although there are other Wayfarers at the club.
    I can’t race because of a lack of crew and so mainly do evenings and Saturdays when my son is around with his Lark.

    See you on the water sometime

    David Smith


    Hi David,

    There are a few Wayfarers at the club, but sadly most are neglected!
    I managed to get mine from a previous member and it was in a sorry state, not much better now but a work in progress.

    If you fancy trying your hand racing at the club on a sunday then give me a shout, i race most sundays in my Laser but am not commited to a series at the moment so available for crew if anyone needs any!

    If you get down the club, just ask for Muddy Mark and someone will point you in the right direction 😉

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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