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    i have just taken delivery of a ‘World’ I used to own a Mk II in the 90,s when we cruised with the association all over.
    couple of questions
    can anyone give me instructions on fitting rowlocks to the ‘world’
    I am in the process of getting a smaller main to allow me to raise the gooseneck a bit…just to give a couple of oldies a bit more headroom.
    Back in the 80,s and 90,s there used to be a smaller ‘cruising’ main.
    has anyone experience of this?

    charles clements

    Bob Harland

    when we bought our World in 1998 we fitted the rowlocks in the “roll-over” gunwhale. A friend made some custom stainless fittings – a sleeve or spigot to go through the gunwhale and a plate to sit on the side-deck. The spigot just being a drift fit through the plate. There did not seem to be anything available off the shelf that would do the job.
    This is a great position for rowing as the rowlocks are close to the edge so there is no way that the oars can foul the gunwhale.
    If I can find some photos I will post them later.

    You may find that a stainless tube through the gunwhale is adequate. In any event some timber is required under the gunwhale to spread the load.
    You are very close to the buoyancy tanks here, so you need to be careful not to damage their integrity. Everything should be carefully epoxied in place.

    The builders fitted rowlocks into the side-decks (and buoyancy) with a sealed fitting. This always seemed to me a poor arrangement – the rowlocks being much further inboard. Hence the oars would tend to foul the gunwhale when rowing.

    hope that helps


    hi bob
    thanks for reply
    it would be useful to see photos
    could you give me the exact position of rowlocks?
    interesting that Ian Porter would not be drawn on measurements as there is supposed to be a wooden block built in IF you were going to mount the rowlocks on the side deck. He advised finding them by tapping with screw driver.
    I would be grateful if you could more details of your gunwhale rollover solution
    special fittings and extent of wooden support?

    best wishes

    Bob Harland

    Photo is of the underside of the roll-over gunwhale showing the timber and fasteners. Ignore the rope – that is just holding the boat on its side.
    You can see the stainless spigot and the rather untidy epoxy work.

    There is a sketch of the actual fitting I had made here;

    Hope that helps.



    hi bob
    really grateful for the photo and sketch
    everything clear now but could you just confirm that the position of the rowlocks is 10″ back from aft edge of thwart [ from Wayfarer Institute]
    thanks again

    I have spent some time trying to get such items bt no success yet
    if i cover all the costs is it possible that your supplier could make me the required parts?

    Bob Harland

    Charles, The dimension for rowlocks aft is detailed in the Wayfarer Book (available on CD).
    It is worth getting the book as it has a lot of information in it.

    And I suggest you sit on the thwart in a rowing position with oars to check – before drilling big holes!
    Start with a small pilot hole to check the position.

    I’m afraid “my supplier” was a neighbour long since moved.

    I have not looked recently to see what is available off-the shelf. You do need to be careful that whichever rowlocks you use match the fittings. We used fairly standard galvanised rowlocks.

    hope that helps

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