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    Hello all

    I’m planning a couple of trips this summer which will entail night passages. Thinking about lighting options, and recall there used to be an article on this site, but I can’t find it. Does anyone know where it can be found?

    Also would be very grateful for  views and experience on these ideas. I’m thinking that while an all round white would be colregs compliant, it could also be very easily mistaken for a stern light in the distance, so a tricolour probably better.

    But also wondering about the (definitely not colregs compliant but possibly effective) option of a very bright torch, one red and one green, which can be pointed  at the sail, or at shipping, when required.  Not ideal for night vision but definitely visible…..

    Essentially after an option which doesn’t involve having wires up the mast.


    Grateful for any advice!



    Jonathan Ferguson

    Hi there Dave,

    My opinion is that expecting another ship to actually notice your lights at Wayfarer height, whatever colour they are, would be optimistic, so the colour of them is probably of little consequence. I take the see-and-avoid strategy with dealing with shipping – I very much want to get out of its way and never expect it to stay clear of me, even when it ought to.

    Having said that, I know JW and others have had very successful reports from others seeing their masthead lights – I just wouldn’t rely on shipping to be looking out for that kind of vessel in the dark! Jeremy’s current setup is a homemade battery operated all-round white light, on a pole so it sits above the masthead. The batteries last at least 24 hours. I’ve also seen setups using these:–2NM-LED-Light-With-Navimount-Base-CU18266.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAu62QBhC7ARIsALXijXQfYL80O4xVsF9GnaiScf62Tn-RlE366Mmbo5A1laOsRP9w22WP1_YaAjcqEALw_wcB

    When I’m out at night around the Felixstowe area, I have a very powerful (700 lumens) waterproof torch, which I could shine either at the sails (if the approaching boat is likely to see me) or at an oncoming boat (to attract attention). This would most likely be used approaching harbours – the vessels which get closest to me are the pilot boats and fishing boats near Harwich.

    This all relies on keeping a very alert watch – but then, if you’re not doing that, you probably shouldn’t be out in a Wayfarer at night!

    Hope that helps,



    Thanks, thats really helpful.

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